2-15-23 Barbara,  Just checking in to say hello and send my best wishes for a wonderful 2023 to you! I don’t know if I told you but something you wrote once in a letter keeps me motivated when I am tempted to say “This isn’t fair.” You wrote: “We are at war. You should not have expectations of justice or mercy from the enemy.” I keep that letter by my bed and read it daily. [...]

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Received 3-7-23 3-1-23 Lydia, The first letter that I sent you was sent back because of “damaged postage”. I’m sure getting the second before the first is probably confusing. Sorry about that. I don’t know how PMP works. I am hoping that and have written my letters in manner that they will be posted publicly. I have been out of contact with my community, the anon/patriot community for 15-months now. I am elated to be [...]

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Happy Birthday David Judd

David, a wonderful Christian man, was sentence 32 months in prison. His crime: having a fire cracker on the Capitol ground. It was deamed a deadly weapon by the prosecution but an ATF agent testified it is not. The government was asking for a terrorism enhancement but David's neighbor who is a veteran from the Iraq testified in his favor saying that he knows what terrorism is and J6 was not. The prosecution asked [...]

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Angel Harrelson and Julietsix

We talked to Angel Harrelson, wife of J6 defendant Kenneth Harrelson*. Like many wives she had to suffer the consequences of the DOJ's attack on J6ers - breadwinner in jail and unable to provide for his family, media lies, lawyer fees, pain of being separated from the man she loves. Yet she is strong and wants to help J6ers. She asked for prayers and  added: "We the People need to speak out and speak [...]

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Hello Miss Barbara, my name is Landon K. Copeland. I was informed that the card you sent me was returned to sender. I am sorry and I thank you for thinking of me in these tough times. Please feel free to try again but you must use only postcards like this one I am writing on. Thank you again so much and may freedom Reign Supreme, Sincerely Landon K. Copeland 2-15-23 Subscribe and Share [...]

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By 1:30 on the Capitol Grounds on January 6th 2021, Chaos was master of the scene...the tremendous crush of people built up around the capitol building was inescapable, with those in the fore being constantly pushed from behind, sometimes up to and into police lines and barriers raised in a futile effort to control the incoming press of people. Then, within a matter of minutes, the scene went from a gigantic gathering of chanting, [...]

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Happy Birthday Tommy Allan

Tommy is still on pre-trial. He was sentenced - 12/8/22 to 21 months of incarceration, 36 months of supervised release, $2,000 restitution. WE do not believe he has started his sentence yet. Please pray for him and his family and we hope he is celebrating his birthday with his family. 📬 Tommy Allan c/o Patriot Mail Project PO Box 173 King NC 27021 🎂 03/03 🎂 No known fundraiser Free on recognizance [...]

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WARRIORS FOR TRUTH : JOE THOMAS aka "PI ANON" As the Washington DC Gulag began to fill up with America's new class of political prisoners in the spring of 2021, an amazing phenomenon began from within a dilapidated and previously abandoned cell block, in the heart of the District of Columbia, our Nations Capitol. A few of the January 6 Prisoners being held there in what was now known as "the Patriot Pod", officially "C2B", [...]

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 J6 PATRIOT NEWS: WARRIORS FOR TRUTH This series of J6 Patriot News posts highlights the many Patriots who have heard the call for Justice in our Republic and answered it. Each of these persons has found a way to turn their unique skills and abilities to bringing the Truth of January 6th to Light. All are dedicated to exposing the corruption and bias being used against everyday Americans to silence their voices and punish their beliefs. [...]

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