Tim Rivers – A Native of Florida, Tim is a retired IT engineer and writer. With an early background in TV and broadcasting, he found a joy in writing for its own sake, whether it was fictional or technical works. Tim and his wife Terri live in the beauty of the Florida Nature coast and enjoy exploring its natural wonders. Today he provides a voice to the Silenced through his Telegram Channel, The American Gulag Chronicles and speaks out for equal Justice and Liberty in America.


She was born in France and immigrated to the United States in 1981 after marrying an American citizen. She homeschooled their five children and then worked for a school curriculum publisher. She started the J6patriotnews channel with Tim Rivers, a channel dedicated to spread news and truth about the January 6th event and its aftermath. Marie has some programming experience she demonstrates on her site mjpagedesign. As an artist, besides painting murals in homes and restaurants, she paints cards to send to J6 defendants to encourage them and let them know they are not forgotten (see some example below.)