Dear LYDIA, '✝️' Thanks for writing me in Oct. ‘21 when I was at home. Today is Friday, August 4, 2023, and I’m in prison until before the end of the month. 2–month sentence. There are 3️⃣other J6 or in this prison here. FCI Bastrop, Texas: 1 –Roberto Minuta – 50+ months 2 –Grady Owens – 30+ months 3 –Geoff Shough – 6 months Let’s go Brandon! God is stronger, we will win in [...]


3 Sep 23 Day 41 in the hole Day 98 as a political prisoner Dear Barbara, I did get your letter from the 22nd and it was not copied so I could read the whole letter this time. Thank you for praying for my appeal. I truly believe that only God can stop the evil in our country now. I sometimes think if God punished Sodom and Gomorrah, what does he owe the United [...]


14 AUG 23 Day 21 in the hole Day 78 as a political prisoner Dear Barbara, Thank you for your letter. On 25 July they threw me in the hole without giving me a reason. My counselor Ms. Buckmaster has told me this will be indefinite. I broke no prison rules and I think they are doing this just to unilaterally upgrade my minimum security settings to Max/Supermax time. I spend 23 hours a [...]

Life After J6 Trials – Riley Williams

Riley Williams was arrested on Jan 18, 2021 and charged with two misdemeanors of “Knowingly Entering or Remaining in any Restricted Building or Grounds Without Lawful Authority” and “Violent Entry and Disorderly Conduct on Capitol Grounds”.  The next day they added two more offenses “Theft of Government Property” and “Obstruction of an Official Proceeding /18 usc 1512(c)(2)”. The later being the highly challenged white collar crime charge given to many Jan 6 participants. It [...]

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Letters From Prison – Jeff McKellop – 9/18/2023

I was watching Fox News this morning. - I'm off laundry today, Sabbath you know. No ticket, no laundry- Mark Lavin: " Democrat's are manipulating, the media, they pay and support protesters, they crush anyone who stands in their way, they've manipulated the elections, they put a feckless sock puppet in the white house who doesn't understand what's happening, they're the new communist/Marxist party ready to destroy what's left of America. Changing our way [...]

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Lockdown Alert! It’s not only at the DC Gulag

On of the faithful patriot who writes to the J6ers sent us this message from Lucas Denney. Please pray for these inmates are lives are in danger. It is amazing that the very people who served this country with honor are now being targeted by the Biden regime and sent to prison for months and some for years. Some have been in pretrial detention for over 2 1/2 years in several facilities around the [...]

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Christmas Fundraiser and Drawing

The Patriot Mail Project has actively raised funds during the last two Christmas seasons to assist J6 families in purchasing gifts for their children. We kindly urge everyone to contribute generously once more, as we have expanded our support to include additional families. As part of this year's effort, we are excited to announce a special drawing for a unique watercolor art piece created specifically for this occasion. The painting, measuring 11 x 15 inches [...]

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LETTERS FROM PRISON: JEFF MCKELLOP : Decorated Green Beret, Lone Wolf stories / NIGERIA 9/11

To one an all: This day 22 yrs ago. I was in Nigeria, the small town of Birnikibi. We were training Nigerian soldiers. We watched the Twin Towers fall on local Television. I cried, I wept, like a child. I wanted to pull my teeth out I didn't know what to do. I left the tent and started running across open fields. I stopped. Sweat running down my face catching my breath. Like a [...]

Patriot Mail Project Christmas Fundraiser

It is that time of the year again! We encourage you to donate to the PatriotMailProject Christmas drive. Last year's drive was very successful and the J6ers families were very grateful for the generosity of our readers. This year is going to be challenging as more families have been added and more are added every week. The DOJ is working overtime to crush J6 families. Even if they do not have a large number of [...]

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JEFF MCKELLOP Federal Correctional Institution,  FT. WORTH Medical Facility, FT WORTH TEXAS September 11, 2023 To one and all:                            (You can re-Post my words if you feel the need.) I would like to thank you for standing beside me! I want you to know, how much I owe you in these dark times. I render a ridged salute each and every [...]

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