When a government starts arresting its own citizens for political reasons, especially its veterans, it is a sign that the country is slipping into tyranny. Many of the J6ers who have been arrested for their presence at the Capitol are veterans and as such are treated even more harshly. They are deemed to be “dangerous” to their community because of their military service.

It used to be the Land of the Free – it is no more. But it is still the Land of the Braves. We want to thank these men and women for serving our country. They will not be forgotten.

Below is the list of the Brave Veterans by Branch.

🎖️ War veteran
💜 purple heart


Joshua Abate
Joshua AbateNAVY/Marine
Joshua Abate is an active duty marine stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland. Among his accolades, Abate has a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. This prestigious medal is awarded to a person who distinguishes themselves by heroic or meritorious achievement or service. He also holds a medal for good conduct. As of 2023, Abate was a sergeant and assigned to the Marine Corps’ Cryptologic Support Battalion, which supports the National Security Agency (NSA). It’s unclear if Abate is still actively in this position. According to prosecutors in his case, he could be separated from the Marine Corps “on less than honorable conditions” due to his participation in the January 6 protest. Abate was arrested on Jan 18, 2023. He pled guilty to Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building. He was Sentenced on 9/13/2023 to one year of probation; 279 hours of community service; $10 special assessment; $500 restitution.

John Anderson
John AndersonNAVY/Marine
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John Daniel Andries
John Daniel AndriesNAVY/Marine
Coming soon

Neil Ashcraft
Neil AshcraftNAVY/Marine
Coming soon

Richard Avirett
Richard AvirettNAVY/Marine
Coming soon

Richard Franklin Barnard
Richard Franklin BarnardNAVY/Marine
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Jordan Bonenberger
Jordan BonenbergerNAVY/Marine
Coming soon

 Daniel Cadwell
Daniel CadwellNAVY/Marine 🎖️
Coming soon
Boyd Allen Camper
Boyd Allen CamperNAVY/Marine
Coming soon

Jeremiah Carollo
Jeremiah CarolloNAVY/Marine

Andrew Cavanaugh
Andrew CavanaughNAVY/Marine
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Julio Cesar Chang
Julio Cesar ChangNAVY/Marine
Coming soon

Eric Clark
Eric ClarkNAVY/Marine
Coming soon

Micah Coomer
Micah CoomerMarine
coming soon
Douglas Creek
Douglas CreekNAVY/Marine
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Donovan Ray Crowl
Donovan Ray CrowlMarine
coming soon
James Davis
James DavisMarine
Kaleb Dillard
Kaleb DillardMarine
Jason Dolan
Jason DolanNAVY/Marine War Veteran 💜🎖️
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Charles Donohoe
Charles DonohoeMarine
Tyler Dykes
Tyler DykesMarine, National Guard
Robert Fairchild
Robert FairchildMarine
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael FitzgeraldMarine
Michael Foy
Michael FoyNAVY/Marine
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Alex Harkrider
Alex HarkriderNAVY/Marine
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Dodge Hellonen
Dodge HellonenMarine
Enlisted in August 2017, Dodge Hellonen is an active-duty US Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune. His stellar work ethic awarded him a promotion to sergeant assigned to the 3rd Marine Raider Support Battalion – a unit that supports Special Operations Command – also as a signals intelligence operator and analyst. Among his accolades, Hellonen holds a Marine Corps Commendation Medal. This prestigious medal is awarded to a person who distinguishes themselves by heroic or meritorious achievement or service. He also holds a medal for good conduct. Earlier in his career in the Marine Corps, Hellonen was highlighted by the Air Force as a “student of the month” while attending a joint school on an Air Force base. Following his participation in the January 6 protest, it appears Hellonen has been demoted from a signals analyst to inventorying military gear. According to prosecutors, he could be separated from the Marine Corps “on less than honorable conditions”. Hellonen was arrested on 1/18/2023. Later he pled guilty to Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building. He was Sentenced to one year of probation; 279 hours of community service; $10 special assessment fee; $500 restitution.
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew HernandezMarine
Andrew was in the USMC (Reserve) from 1996 to 2002 (4th Light Armored Reconnaissance) and was honorably Discharged. Andrew worked on the border wall. He was arrested for J6 on 2/25/21. He was sentenced to 18 months of incarceration followed by 36 months of supervised release. He intends to take classes to improve the odds of finding a job in the near future.
Micajah Jackson
Micajah JacksonNAVY/Marine
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Federico Guillermo Klein
Federico Guillermo KleinMarine
Christopher Kuehne
Christopher KuehneNAVY/Marine War Veteran 💜🎖️
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 Nicholes Lentz
Nicholes LentzNAVY/Marine
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Jia Yu Liu
Jia Yu LiuNAVY/Marine
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Ron Loehrke
Ron LoehrkeNAVY/Marine
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Michael Lopatic Sr
Michael Lopatic SrMarine
Michael Mackrell
Michael MackrellNAVY/Marine
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Christian Manley
Christian ManleyNAVY/Marine
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Victor Martinez
Victor MartinezNAVY/Marine
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James McGrew
James McGrewNavy/Marine War Veteran 💜🎖️
A Marine Corps Veteran, Patriot, ambitious, adventurous, humble and a blessing to many, James feels other’s needs are just as important as his own, sometimes putting others before himself. James enjoys family time and time especially with his son. James was arrested on 5/28/2021 in Glendale, AZ. He was sentenced to 78 months in prison, 36 months of supervised release, and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine, $2,000 in restitution and a $100 special assessment.


Derek Andrew Nelson
Derek Andrew NelsonMarine
Ryan Nichols
Ryan NicholsNAVY/Marine
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Nicholas Ochs
Nicholas OchsNAVY/Marine
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Marcos Panayiotou
Marcos PanayiotouNAVY/Marine
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Robert Lee Petrosh
Robert Lee PetroshNAVY/Marine
Dominic Pezzola
Dominic PezzolaNAVY/Marine
Dominic was involved in sports throughout high school, loved by his coaches and team. He has always been an honest and hardworking man. He was a paper boy at a very young age. He joined the Marines right after high school He is married and the father of two grown daughters. He turned himself in on 1/15/2021 and was detained at DC-CTF aka the DC Gulag. He was sentenced to 10 years of incarceration, 5 years supervised release, a $700 fine and a unknown amount of restitution. His case is on appeal.


Zach Rehl
Zach RehlNAVY/Marine
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JD Rivera
JD RiveraNAVY/Marine
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David Lester Ross
David Lester RossMarine, National Guard
Lee Stutts
Lee StuttsMarine, National Guard
Joseph Thomas
Joseph ThomasNAVY/Marine
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David Ticas
David TicasNAVY/Marine
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John George Todd III
John George Todd IIIMarine, National Guard
Bart Shively
Bart ShivelyNAVY/Marine
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Hector Vargas-Santos
Hector Vargas-SantosNAVY/Marine
Coming soon

Christopher Warnagiris
Christopher WarnagirisMarine, National Guard
Colton Wargo
Colton WargoNAVY/Marine
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Erik Warner
Erik WarnerNAVY/Marine
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Thomas Webster
Thomas WebsterNAVY/Marine
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Jeffrey Witcher
Jeffrey WitcherNAVY/Marine
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Darrell Youngers
Darrell YoungersNAVY/Marine
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Daniel Page Adams
Daniel Page AdamsArmy
War Veteran
Chris Alberts
Chris AlbertsArmy Medic
War Veteran –
Chris is an Army Veteran-Iraq Vet who served honorably. His military career is amazing:
Operation Iraqi Freedom 07-08′ enlisted 05-11,global war on terror medal,
Iraqi freedom medal, army achievement medal. He was artillery and a trained Medic. He also served the nuclear biological chemical decontamination unit for Obama’s Inauguration.

Please pray for Chris has he suffers several medical issues stemming from his military service and his injury at the Capitol. Which we know will never be properly investigated. The police used lethal force and struck him on the head and ignored his plea for help for Officer Sicknick who was experiencing some visible health problems. The FBI and prosecution lied and said they could not identify the MPD officer that struck him. To this day he still remains unidentified.

Chris was sentenced to seven years of prison by the very unjust and biased Judge Christopher Cooper, an Obama appointee.

Please write Chris to remind him his sacrifice is not forgotten. We hope to prevail through the Appellate court and get him home soon. He needs all the love and encouragement from we the people to make it through!

Ronald Andrulonis
Ronald AndrulonisArmy
Richard Barnard
Richard BarnardArmy
Nancy Barron
Nancy BarronArmy
Joe Biggs
Joe BiggsArmy War Veteran💜🎖️
Coming soon
Joseph Bierbrodt
Joseph BierbrodtNATIONAL GUARD
Brian Bingham
Brian BinghamArmy
War Veteran
Jonathan Bonney
Jonathan BonneyArmy
James Wayne Brooks
James Wayne BrooksArmy National Guard
Zachariah Boulton
Zachariah BoultonArmy
Terry Brown
Terry BrownArmy
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy BrownArmy/ War Veteran/Green Beret
Jeremy Brown is a highly decorated former Green Beret being charged with various serious felonies by the FBI. But things are not what they seem. The U.S. government and the mainstream media will have you believe that Jeremy is a dangerous man a threat to society. They say he belongs behind bars for “trespassing” on Capitol on January 6th. Yet, he never entered the Capitol building.
Benjamen Burlew
Benjamen BurlewArmy
Benjamen Burlew was arrested on 8/26/21. He was released on personal recognizance on 08/26/2021. He is facing serious charges that might not be corroborated with evidence as in many January 6th cases.

Click on the photo for Fundraiser info.

Steven Cappuccio
Steven CappuccioArmy
William Chrestman
William ChrestmanArmy
War Veteran – Medic
Reed Knox Christensen
Reed Knox ChristensenArmy & National Guard
War Veteran – Medic
Kevin Cronin Jr
Kevin Cronin JrArmy National Guard
Jason Comeau
Jason ComeauArmy
Coming soon

Donovan Ray Crowl
Donovan Ray CrowlNational Guard
War Veteran – Medic
 Landon Copleland
Landon CoplelandArmy
James Cusik
James CusikVietnam Vet
Coming soon
Lucas Denney
Lucas DenneyArmy
War Veteran
Jacob Fracker
Jacob FrackerArmy
Jamie Ferguson
Jamie FergusonArmy National Guard
Coming Soon
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel GarciaArmy
War Veteran
Jeff Grace
Jeff GraceArmy
Graydon Young
Graydon YoungArmy/Navy
Matthew Greene
Matthew GreeneArmy
Coming soon
Logan Grover
Logan GroverArmy
Coming soon
Leonard Gruppo
Leonard GruppoArmy War Veteran 💜🎖️
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Derek Gunby
Derek GunbyArmy
Coming Soon
Tim Hale
Tim HaleArmy
Kenneth Harrelson
Kenneth HarrelsonArmy
War Veteran
Dillion Colby Herrington
Dillion Colby HerringtonArmy
Coming Soon
Matthew Honingford
Matthew HoningfordArmy National Guard
Coming soon
Jeffrey Hubbard
Jeffrey HubbardArmy
Coming Soon
Joseph Irwin
Joseph IrwinArmy
Mark Ibrahim
Mark IbrahimArmy
Joshua James
Joshua JamesArmy
Coming Soon
Nicholas Languerand
Nicholas LanguerandArmy
Coming Soon
Mark Leffingwell
Mark LeffingwellArmy National Guard
Coming soon
Terry Lynn Lindsey
Terry Lynn LindseyArmy
Coming Soon
Kevin Loftus
Kevin LoftusArmy
Coming Soon
Joshua Lollar
Joshua LollarArmy
Coming Soon
Kenneth Massie
Kenneth MassieArmy
Coming Soon
Abram Markofski
Abram MarkofskiArmy National Guard
Coming Soon
James Mault
James MaultArmy
Coming Soon
Brian McGee
Brian McGeeArmy National Guard
Coming Soon
Jeff McKellop
Jeff McKellopArmy, Green Beret, Special Forces
Jeff is a retired Ranger and Green Beret who served his country for 22 years in Uniform and 10 years as a private security operator. He was awarded three Bronze Stars. He has two beautiful teenage children. A warrior and self-made man, Jeff had never been arrested before. On Jan. 6th, he allegedly pushed officers back as they were spraying the trapped crowd. While wearing a gas mask, he attempted to take the pepper spray from an officer. After it fell, he threw the bottle but did not hit anyone with it. The DOJ charged him with 17 counts for that incident and threatened
Robert Morss
Robert Morss Army Ranger
Tom Munn
Tom MunnArmy War Veteran 🎖️
War Veteran
John Nassif
John NassifArmy
Adam Obest
Adam ObestArmy National Guard
Coming soon
 Joseph Padilla
Joseph PadillaArmy Ranger
Coming Soon
Michael Quick
Michael QuickArmy Ranger
Coming Soon
Ronnie Presley
Ronnie PresleyArmy Ranger
Coming Soon
Stewart Rhodes
Stewart RhodesArmy
Coming Soon
Howard Richardson
Howard RichardsonArmy, Vietnam Vet
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Edward Richmond Jr.
Edward Richmond Jr.Army
Coming Soon
Jason Daniel Riddle
Jason Daniel RiddleArmy
Coming Soon
Jorge Riley
Jorge RileyArmy
101st Airborne Scout Sniper:

Jorge knew from an early age that he would join the U.S. Military. When he turned 17, he joined the Army with his mother’s permission, and three weeks after graduation, he headed to Basic Training in Ft. Benning, GA.

He graduated as an E3 from AFJROTC service and held the position of Company Guidon Bearer. Soon after that, he shipped to Ft. Campbell, KY. He was quickly sent to Recon and grew up as a Scout/Sniper. Jorge made a name for himself, was sent to the line, and became an M240b machine gunner. He spent time mainly as a squad leader and even received a special promotion, receiving his E4 rank after 18 months of service.

Jorge was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2001 and returned to the civilian world as a highly decorated and permanently disabled veteran.

Jorge’s military training and the oath he pledged to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” heavily influenced his trip to. Washington D.C. and his presence there on January 6th. When Jorge left the Army, he had no genuine support and had to look at himself and realize how injured he was from service.

While serving in the Army, Jorge’s back broke in three places, causing bulging discs that he still deals with today. Jorge was determined to use his GI Bill to find a career that would ideally allow him to sit at a desk. Being with no resources, he spent a while homeless, even living in the woods behind his college to be close to school and keep up with homework.

Thomas Robertson
Thomas RobertsonArmy
An Army veteran, TJ rejoin the Army after 9/11. He worked as a Police Sergeant,after graduating from the police academy in 1994, including time overseas and has over 25 years of police service. He served in multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan from 2005 to 2011. He was wounded on 9/25/11 while serving as an imbedded tactical trainer for the Afghan national army, sustaining gunshot and mortar shrapnel wounds to hand, leg, face, and torso. He had over 12 surgeries and 2 years of PT before he was fit to return to work at the police department. He was arrested on 1/12/2021. At trial, he was convicted of “carrying a dangerous weapon” for having a walking stick, which at no point in time ever left the ground or was brandished as a weapon.
He was sentenced on 8/11/2022 to 87 months in prison, and ordered to pay a special assessment of $510 and $2,000 in restitution. He is serving at FCI Allenwood Low.
Mark Sahadi
Mark SahadiArmy Reserve
Mark Sahady is a combat veteran who is criminally charged as a result of attending the rally in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. He obtained the rank of Captain in the Army Reserve and deployed to Afghanistan as a combat engineer in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Mark stays active in his community as a member of both his local American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War chapters. Before his arrest he was a conservative activist in the Boston area as part of Super Happy Fun America. The group organized 11 buses of Trump supporters to attend the Save America rally on January 6. Mark was initially indicted on 3 misdemeanors and continues to maintain his innocence. The government indicted him on a felony more than 2 years after his initial arrest in what appears to be retaliation for rejecting multiple plea offers. Now his trial is scheduled for August 12th of this year. Mark asks for prayers and the support of patriotic Americans for all of those who are being politically persecuted.
Bernard Sirr
Bernard SirrArmy
Coming Soon
Brian Shawn Smith
Brian Shawn SmithArmy
Coming Soon
Justin Stoll
Justin StollArmy
Coming Soon
Steven Thurlow
Steven ThurlowArmy
Coming Soon
Edward Vallejo
Edward VallejoArmy
Coming Soon
Jason William Wallis
Jason William WallisArmy
Coming Soon
Jessica Watkins
Jessica WatkinsArmy
Coming soon
Gary Wickersham
Gary WickershamArmy
Coming Soon
Sean David Watson
Sean David WatsonArmy
Coming Soon
Jesse Watson
Jesse WatsonArmy
Coming Soon
Gary Wickersham
Gary WickershamArmy
Coming Soon
 Chris Worrell
Chris WorrellArmy
Coming Soon
Dustin Ray Williams
Dustin Ray WilliamsArmy
Coming Soon
Gregory Yetman
Gregory YetmanArmy National Guard 🎖️
I served from Sept 2008 to March 2022. I served for a total of 13 years and 7 months. I only left the military because of the forced vaccine mandate that was going on in response to Covid 19. At the time my contract was only a few months away from ending and the military was pushing us to just take the “vaccine” or risk being discharged under “other than honorable” conditions. I wasn’t OK with being threatened to either inject myself with an experimental shot, or have my military career ruined after nearly 14 years of impeccable service, so I chose to leave at the end of my contract that was only a few months away. I left at the rank of Sergeant. I wanted to complete 20 years or more of service, but after the 2020 election and Biden becoming President, I started doing one-year extensions instead of contracts for numerous years. This limited my ability to deploy or get promoted. I had to refuse 2 promotions because I didn’t want to do more than one-year extensions. I’m now glad I did that because it enabled me a way to leave the military under “honorable conditions” instead of being forced out for refusing the experimental Covid 19 “vaccine”.

I served in the NJ Army National Guard with the 328th Military Police Company. I deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan from mid 2011 to mid 2012. In mid 2015 to early 2016 I deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for a detainee operations mission. I served as a block sergeant in Camp 5.

In 2010, and again in 2022, my unit was certified and tasked as the “Security Element” for the Homeland Response Force (HRF) which operated under FEMA. We were assigned to FEMA Zone 2 which is for NJ, NY, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. The HRF is a rapid response force for any chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear, explosive (CBRN-E) event, as well as for other natural or man-made events that may occur in those states or territories. Fortunately, no major events occurred during the time we were attached to FEMA.

Due to injuries I sustained over nearly 14 years of service, I’m now a 100% VA rated disabled veteran.


Ashli Babbit
Ashli BabbitAirforce
Coming soon
Thomas Baranyi
Thomas BaranyiAirforce
Coming soon
Larry Brock
Larry BrockAirforce/War Veteran
Retired USAF Lt. Col. Larry Brock graduated from the Air Force Academy and went on to pilot the A-10 for more than 20 years in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. He is a Christian, Father, Texan, and life-long Patriot. Larry has dedicated his life to the United States of America.

I have given my life in service to the People of the United States of America. It was an honor to fly the A-10 for the United States Air Force in Iraq and Afghanistan. – Ret Lt Col Larry Brock

Phillip Andrew Bromley
Phillip Andrew Bromley Air National Guard
Coming soon
Aiden Bilyard
Aiden BilyardAirforce
Coming soon
Jamie Ferguson
Jamie FergusonAirforce
Coming soon
Alan Fischer
Alan FischerAirforce
War Veteran 💜🎖️
Senior Airman AJ Fischer was an enlisted aircrew member of the US Air Force. AJ flew as a C-17 Aircraft Loadmaster Journeyman on various missions around the world while stationed stateside and while deployed to the Middle East in service of Operations Enduring Freedom, Inherent Resolve, Freedom Sentinel, and United Assistance, with a total of 135 sorties within the United States and in 24 countries around the world.
AJ’s notable record includes flying 12 Combat and 14 Combat Support missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and the neighboring region, including the deployment of Army Special Forces units and Navy Seal teams. AJ flew 2 Aeromedical Evacuation missions rescuing wounded service members and delivering them to trauma centers out of the Middle East, and 1 Humanitarian Aid mission delivering medical equipment, supplies and personnel to West Africa to combat the outbreak of the deadly infectious disease Ebola. AJ flew 6 Phoenix Banner missions supporting President Obama movements around the US and the world, moving POTUS limos, Marine One helicopters, US Secret Service and armored vehicles, and White House staff with a total of 6 POTUS trips in the United States and to 5 countries.

In total, during his flying career on board the C-17, AJ moved 5,070,600 lbs of equipment and passengers, consisting of 1,867 troops and government personnel, 207 vehicles, and 379 pallets in and out of airfields all over the world.

 Christopher Grider
Christopher GriderAirforce
Coming soon
Derek Jancart
Derek JancartAirforce
Coming soon
Micki Larson-Olson
Micki Larson-OlsonAirforce War Veteran
Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Air Force Commendation medal with 2 oak leaf clusters, Air Force Achievement medal with 2 oak leaf clusters, AF Outstanding unit award with 4 oak leaf clusters, AF Good Conduct with 6 Oak Leaf Clusters, National Defense Service Medal with 1 service star, Armed, Forces Expeditionary Medal, South West Asia Service Medal with 2 service stars, Iraq campaign medal with 1 service star, Global War on Terrorism, Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korean Defense Service medal, AF overseas ribbon short, AF overseas ribbon long, Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon, with Gold Border, AF Longevity with 4 oak leaf clusters, USAF NCO PME Graduate Ribbon with 1 oak leaf cluster AF training ribbon.

Associates in Medical Assisting at Cisco Junior College
Currently devoted as a proud General Flynn Digital Warrior! I devote my days to research and spreading truth! I follow Q and am so happy to have this opportunity to talk to you about that today and share my We’re Ready to Fight poem I wrote after 9 11! I truly believe it applies today! We are in a fight and sadly we have domestic terrorist, Americans, we did on that day and we do now. Millions of us follow Q and spread truth and that is why Facebook and Twitter constantly suspend our accounts. I currently have 3 accounts suspended on Facebook and only 2 where Facebook has given me a reason and told me how long I will be grounded. It doesn’t matter though. We are Q, We are the News, We are Whack A Moles—hit us on the head one place and we pop up in another—diamonds are coal under pressure—us Q people are ALL DIAMONDS! We get a lot of crap, but we are strong in the truth, God, and country and we are all fighting with all our might, so thank you for letting me share my poem with you and this is a
big shout out to my Q family

Ronald Mele
Ronald MeleAirforce
Aaron James Mileur
Aaron James MileurAirforce
Kyle Douglas McMahan
Kyle Douglas McMahanAirforce
Brandon Nelson
Brandon Nelson Air National Guard - Reservist
Coming soon
Michael Quick
Michael QuickAirforce
War Veteran 💜🎖️
Jonathan Ace Sanders
Jonathan Ace SandersAirforce
Coming soon
Thomas Vinson
Thomas VinsonAirforce
War Veteran 💜🎖️