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Tim Rivers - A Native of Florida, Tim is a retired IT engineer and writer. With an early background in TV and broadcasting, he found a joy in writing for its own sake, whether it was fictional or technical works. Tim and his wife Terri live in the beauty of the Florida Nature coast and enjoy exploring its natural wonders. Today he provides a voice to the Silenced through his Telegram Channel, The American Gulag Chronicles and speaks out for equal Justice and Liberty in America.

Op-Ed: Careful what you ask for

It's been over 34 months since the events of the 2020 election and January 6th, 2021 sparked a growing fissure in the public trust. Those two historic occurrences began public and private debates over facts that still rage unresolved today. Do we the public know enough Truth to make informed decisions about either of those events? Have we seen and heard all the actual facts? Is that insurrection narrative that the mainstream media and the [...]

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Op-Ed: A Matter of Survival: Activating the Patriot gene

There’s a lot of talk about genetics today and how these complex chains of chemicals form the working blueprints for every aspect of our existence. We now know what gene pairs control functions and how broken or damaged segments result in dysfunction and disease in the body and mind. Science has learned how to manipulate and recode these all but invisible blueprints with Crispr and recombinant technologies to prevent and target diseases, anticipate future health [...]

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Op-Ed: : Whom Do They Serve?

“I Pledge Allegiance, to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands, One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All ! “ Many Americans today do not understand their Pledge of Allegiance and what making it, sincerely with their hand over their hearts, really means! This simple daily Oath has gone missing from morning dedications of many primary education systems. It’s seldom used to [...]

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Op-Ed: Erasing A History of Lies

How can you tell if our recorded History is a True or a false record of facts? We’ve always heard the adage that “History is written by the Victors!”, yet somehow we still believe our History books and the narratives of its authors as if they had witnessed the thing themselves. What if the victors in these books rewrote their own versions of History, to play the valiant while villainizing and slandering their opposition or [...]

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110123 18:37   Off the top, I sent a memo just a minute ago.  I didn't get a chance to post any words. check for spelling... Sorry:( Every one knows my sob story!  Every one know how I grew up in poverty to, Hippie, Stoner, Biker, parents from the 60's.  Every one knows the mumbling and bumbling of my child hood.  Until the day I watched that video at the Recruiter's Office.  Hard core Rangers [...]

Op-Ed: Don’t Do Nothing

Today marks the 1019th Day of Terror of the Biden regime's pogrom against January 6th protestors and MAGA supporters Over 2.5 years later, the DOJ and the FBI continue to search for and aggressively arrest citizens who were present at the Capitol on that fateful day. The cost that day, in lives lost (4), in indicted defendants (1186 and counting), in families destroyed, childhoods disrupted and traumatized, businesses and homes lost… there are simply no [...]

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September 25 2023  dear Barbara,  thank you again for your kind words and continued supporting spiritual message. I'm very sorry, I recently been moved to what they call the special housing unit or shu for short. I'm only allowed very flexible safety pencils which make it hard to write dark or neat. Due to the fact that my thoughts and opinions have made some people sensitive they put a hit on me so I [...]


Peter Schwartz  September 2023 number 2  Susie,  Hello, and thank you for your letter. I'm still left for dead in here. No jan 6 support groups will even touch me. Even the $99 a month for commissary ended months ago. I got here in june, and that was the last time I got help. And lawyers fees, forget it. I'm toast. You can tell me about j6ers, but I feel pretty evicted from the [...]


Kyle Fitzsimons  June 11th 2023  Dearest Barbara,  Well, better late than never, yes? Thank you for writing me here at the DC jail. Right now I am hours away from sentencing. You mentioned your faith, being Catholic myself when I visited DC the day before January 6th - I stopped at The shrine of Pope John Paul II and offered prayers. And on Epiphany I suppose I became a bit of American history for [...]


September 2023 Peter Schwartz Susie, hello again! After I wrote that last letter, I realized how terribly depressing I must have sounded. And I am. I'm in a hopeless situation and I've been abandoned. Then too, it's increasingly harder to have casual and or uplifting conversations with my communications being so severely restricted. If I'm to ask you," how are you feeling today susie?" , then by the time the letter gets to you [...]

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