Every month we strive to highlight for you the J6ers who have a birthday on that month so that you can brighten their special with a letter of encouragement. Let them know they are not forgotten.


Send them a card, an email, fill their commissary! Anything that will lift us their spirit! 📬 Garret Miller #377321 Correctional Treatment Facility DC-CTF 1901 D St. SE Washington DC 20003 🎂 4/5 🎂 No known fundraiser Incarcerated since 1/20/2021 or 799 days. 📬 Kyle Young #39706-509 FCI FORREST CITY MEDIUM FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION P.O. BOX 3000 Forrest City, AR 72336 🎂 4/5 🎂 💰 View fundraiser Has been serving sentence [...]

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Happy Birthday Bart Shively!

Bart has been in pre-trial detention for far too long. He has medical issues including cancer that is not being treated or is neglectec. He has been singled out for retaliations several times. What a shame that this DOJ would keep such a great guy in jail under the pretence he is a threat to his community! Wish Bart a happy birthday despite the horrid conditions of the DC-Gulag. Fortunately he has several other [...]

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Happy Birthday James Brett

James Brett is an amazing man whose deep faith carry him through life. This current persecution is one of the trials he is currently enduring. The father of five kids, 3 boys and 2 girls ranging in age from 1 to 15,  he needs your support and encouragement. Send him a card with some birthday wishes and some words to remind him he is not forgotten! He could also use some donations from those [...]

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Happy Birthday William Watson

William is rather well-known as he was close to Jacob Chanceley when he entered the Capitol. His called for people to be peaceful are in the mind of people who have taken the time to watch his interactions with a variety of people. We are so sorry that he is in pre-trial detention at the Alexandria Detention Center. Wish him a happy birthday! Everyone wish William a happy birthday. Send him a card or [...]

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Happy Birthday David Judd

David, a wonderful Christian man, was sentence 32 months in prison. His crime: having a fire cracker on the Capitol ground. It was deamed a deadly weapon by the prosecution but an ATF agent testified it is not. The government was asking for a terrorism enhancement but David's neighbor who is a veteran from the Iraq testified in his favor saying that he knows what terrorism is and J6 was not. The prosecution asked [...]

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Happy Birthday Tommy Allan

Tommy is still on pre-trial. He was sentenced - 12/8/22 to 21 months of incarceration, 36 months of supervised release, $2,000 restitution. WE do not believe he has started his sentence yet. Please pray for him and his family and we hope he is celebrating his birthday with his family. 📬 Tommy Allan c/o Patriot Mail Project PO Box 173 King NC 27021 🎂 03/03 🎂 No known fundraiser Free on recognizance [...]

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Happy Birthday Patriots! "Stay strong, because you have friends. Have faith, because everything is going to be alright" J6 Patriots love getting letters and cards. Send them some love and support on their birthdays. Let them know they are not forgotten. Tammy Bronsburg 🎂 03/02 🎂 #28837-509 FDC Philadelphia 700 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 No known  fundraiser /./ Tommy Allan 🎂 03/03 🎂 c/o Patriot Mail Project [...]

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