Some people are called by God to do something special. It is their mission! Read about these special men and women who have devoted their talents, time, and often resources to accomplish just that.

They are the Warriors of Truth.

June J6 Birthdays – Dominic Pezzola

Today, on Dominic's birthday he is being tortured in solitary confinement in the DC jail. Dominic is a War hero. He sacrificed his life for his country, the country he loves so much.  Now, the government is intentionally torturing him for the same reason, for loving freedom. We need everyone to do more for Dominic and all J6 political prisoners. Please read below a cry for help letter from Dominic's mom. Call 202-673-7316 and [...]

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  The fight for Justice for Jan 6th defendants began almost immediately after the first arrests in early 2021. For the last two years, activists and family members have been fighting to bring awareness of the injustice of the charges and the flagrant violations of Constitutional and Civil rights of these defendants to the American consciousness. It is exhausting, emotionally painful and often physically dangerous work, as activists confront the radicalized left at Rallies and [...]

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By 1:30 on the Capitol Grounds on January 6th 2021, Chaos was master of the scene...the tremendous crush of people built up around the capitol building was inescapable, with those in the fore being constantly pushed from behind, sometimes up to and into police lines and barriers raised in a futile effort to control the incoming press of people. Then, within a matter of minutes, the scene went from a gigantic gathering of chanting, [...]

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WARRIORS FOR TRUTH : JOE THOMAS aka "PI ANON" As the Washington DC Gulag began to fill up with America's new class of political prisoners in the spring of 2021, an amazing phenomenon began from within a dilapidated and previously abandoned cell block, in the heart of the District of Columbia, our Nations Capitol. A few of the January 6 Prisoners being held there in what was now known as "the Patriot Pod", officially "C2B", [...]

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 J6 PATRIOT NEWS: WARRIORS FOR TRUTH This series of J6 Patriot News posts highlights the many Patriots who have heard the call for Justice in our Republic and answered it. Each of these persons has found a way to turn their unique skills and abilities to bringing the Truth of January 6th to Light. All are dedicated to exposing the corruption and bias being used against everyday Americans to silence their voices and punish their beliefs. [...]

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