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May 8, 2023 Dear Barbara, Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful letter. The prayers and inspiring quotes were very welcome and uplifting. I'm sure your son Josh is proud of his mom's patriotism and is a good man. My family and friends are standing behind me and I am blessed to have such an amazing support network with people like you as well. We are one big family. I know this is red [...]


I want to start by saying thank you very much. Thank you for the support and taking the time to write me an encouraging letter. It means a lot to me to know that I am not facing this alone. Although being locked up I feel that way quite often. Being away from my wife and children are by far the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. I take comfort and knowing the [...]


Dear Barbara, 5-16-23 Thank you for writing to me again. I am grateful that you are happy to receive my letters. The mailing list is a wonderful thing and I am sure that I speak for all of the patriots on the list when I say that it is very moving to get so many kind messages from so many great Americans. And no matter how much they do to me they will never shut [...]


5/3/23 Dear Barbara, I wanted to write you & thank you for reaching out to my husband Michael Perkins. He was greatly encouraged. He wanted to personally thank you so I’ve printed a message from a texting app we are using through the jail. It was cheaper this way. So he doesn’t have to buy paper, stamps & envelopes. Thanks again & God bless you!  Brittany  


5/3/23 Dear Barbara, The child abuse I endured made me stronger as an adult. Maybe that is the silver lining. The DC Warden needs to be fired and arrested for cruel and unusual punishment of J6 detainees. The US Marshals are directing our treatment. Regarding your 12 philosophical questions. I’m spending time with prisoners with the same mindset. The ones who are non-violent with drug charges only. I read lots of books by Harlan Coban, [...]

Thank you for Supporting J6ers with your purchase of Letters from Prison!

Thank you for supporting the cause of Political Prisoners and their families by purchasing the book The American Gulag Chronicles: Letters from Prison. Your contributions allow us to help J6ers in so many ways, like helping with legal fees, travel expenses for defendants attending trials or sentencing hearings in DC, their lodging costs, and everyday expenses like food and emergency car repairs, family visitations and more. As the number of defendants facing unjust charges [...]

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The Making of The American Gulag Chronicles Book

Many people have wondered about the origins of  American Gulag Chronicles: Letters from Prison and its purpose. From the outset of the idea of a book of Letters from J6 political prisoners, Tim and Marie decided never to accept compensation for their work or the time they spend promoting the book. It was to be a labor of Love and patriotism. Towards that goal, The American Gulag Chronicles Inc. was created on November 6, 2022 [...]

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1-24-23 Update on The American Gulag Chronicles Book and A Big Thank You!

A big thank you to all of the Amazing Patriots who ordered their copies of THE AMERICAN GULAG CHRONICLES : LETTERS FROM PRISON !!!! You are helping to create a permanent historical record of a unique and sad time in our Republic’s History. We so Thank You for that! Now many of you who ordered the book are wondering when you will get it. If you ordered your book but have not received it yet, [...]

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The American Gulag Chronicles Book Update

SUCCESS! Well this has been quite an experience for the American Gulag Chronicles team! This was our first time publishing a book and we wanted this to go fast so our first goal to raise awareness would start. Our first print was self-printing so we could get the book out as soon as possible but we ran into a variety of problems. However, we did it and the first printing has sold out. A second [...]

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