Because of the Patriot Mail Project people started to write letters to prisoners first and soon to all J6ers.
This page is DEDICATED to posting Letters, Art and Poems from Jan. 6th Prisoners and their Families.

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The telegram channel was possible thanks to the dedication of volunteers who spend countless hours reading and transcribing letters.

We want to bring here letters from J6 prisoners all around they country. These men and women are being punished in order to silence those who know the truth about January 6th 2021. It is called The Big 2021 Lie.

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Letters From Prison – Jessica Watkins – Received 3-14-23

31 January 2023 Dear Barbara, I’m sorry it took so long to write back. I’ve had (still do actually) a massive backlog of letters to reply. I didn't write at all during trial -- It was an exhausting experience. The Jail wakes you up at 4am every morning to out-process and transfer us to the US marshals at the courthouse, then trial all day (which is incredibly stressful) and then out-process back to the [...]

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Mr Rivers, First and Foremost I want to Commended and Thank you for all that you and Mrs. Terri do. You both have truly been a Godsend to so many of us and our family's who have been impacted by January 6th. I'm very proud to have fought beside you on so many issues. I wanted to ask if you would put a message out to those who support us and Thank all of them [...]

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2-15-23 Barbara,  Just checking in to say hello and send my best wishes for a wonderful 2023 to you! I don’t know if I told you but something you wrote once in a letter keeps me motivated when I am tempted to say “This isn’t fair.” You wrote: “We are at war. You should not have expectations of justice or mercy from the enemy.” I keep that letter by my bed and read it daily. [...]

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Received 3-7-23 3-1-23 Lydia, The first letter that I sent you was sent back because of “damaged postage”. I’m sure getting the second before the first is probably confusing. Sorry about that. I don’t know how PMP works. I am hoping that and have written my letters in manner that they will be posted publicly. I have been out of contact with my community, the anon/patriot community for 15-months now. I am elated to be [...]

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Hello Miss Barbara, my name is Landon K. Copeland. I was informed that the card you sent me was returned to sender. I am sorry and I thank you for thinking of me in these tough times. Please feel free to try again but you must use only postcards like this one I am writing on. Thank you again so much and may freedom Reign Supreme, Sincerely Landon K. Copeland 2-15-23 Subscribe and Share [...]

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Dear Lydia, I hope you are well and happily living the dream; I am doing well, since I finally defeated that old cold virus I have been fighting for the past few weeks. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating the newsletter. I hope that it is appreciated by all who receive it. It is very informative. I know there are many loyal [...]

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Hey Barb, I’m sorry I could not write you sooner. You are special to me and my life. You are strong. I am grateful for you. Tell Wolfie hello. Share this letter I sent you with the others. Barb, please remember you are my friend. I sent you pictures of me. Please pass them along. Contact Gateway Pundit. Tell Cara, Kelly, are Jim Hoft to pass those pix around and to let people know that [...]

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Since this letter, Greg was attacked by gang members and was taken to the hospital. Hello Lydia tThank you for the update. I pray we all go home soon as life in prison is terrible. Did the republicans start to investigate J6 yet? Did they arrest Ray Epps? Why is it that people who had evil plans of going into the capital get zero time and the patriots who were caught up in the moment [...]

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LETTERS and UPDATES – Howard Adam

2/2/2023 Dear Barbara, I want to thank you so very much for your kind words in writing to my husband while he was in jail. It meant a lot to him to have so much support. We are both people of faith and trust in God‘s promises. He was with Howard the whole time and even I could see that in the stories he told me when he was able to call including all the [...]

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