Because of the Patriot Mail Project people started to write letters to prisoners first and soon to all J6ers.
This page is DEDICATED to posting Letters, Art and Poems from Jan. 6th Prisoners and their Families.

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The telegram channel was possible thanks to the dedication of volunteers who spend countless hours reading and transcribing letters.

We want to bring here letters from J6 prisoners all around they country. These men and women are being punished in order to silence those who know the truth about January 6th 2021. It is called The Big 2021 Lie.

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Dear Barbara, I want to thank you so very much for your kind words in writing to my husband while he was in jail. It meant a lot to him to have so much support. We are both people of faith and trust in God‘s promises. He was with Howard the whole time and even I could see that in the stories he told me when he was able to call including all the mail [...]

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B. Balatico,  12-13-2021 Thank you for your warm card. I try to write everyone who sends me awesome cards & letters of hope. So. Every day here is a repeat of the day prior. Only things change are my plant (is growing steadily, my last plant didn’t fare so well. I told H how long I was going to be here, & H died) & the idiot guards trying hard to trip us up with [...]

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Barb, Kelly will be fine. Gator is my call sign that the DOJ insist on using, as if I'm a Russian secret agent or something. My trial is over and surprise surprise, even though 30 + agents, informants, etc., said we did no planning to enter the capital or stop the election, I am found guilty. Seditious conspiracy, what a total crap. I would not even begin to know how to plan such a stupid [...]

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Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for your letter! I appreciate your prayers and you taking the time to write me. I was originally arrested on Feb 25, 2021. I spent 2 months in the DC Gulag and was then released on bond. I was on a GPS ankle monitor and a very strict schedule for over 10 months until my bond was revoked because I committed the terrible sin of speaking to my wife. [...]

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Dear Barbara, Thank you for the very nice article about YHWH, I have heard that before. There’s a good book I read called “Whisper - How to Hear the Voice of God by Mark Batterson”. His ministry is here in DC. I’ve wished and prayed for the same thing you have, for everyone in here to be saved; I even held a Bible study daily for the longest…unfortunately, it’s not the case. Even more disturbingly, [...]

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Letter From Prison – Jessica Watkins

Dear Lori, this letter is a doozie. Sorry, lol. Buckle up. Thank you for writing again! I love the pictures you sent. I put them up in my cell, along with the ones of Micki, Nicole REFFITT and the others. When I look at them, you all are like a fan club in my cell, lol. Sorry, I haven’t written in a while. I was in trial, but I’m sure you know that. What [...]

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Letters from Prison: Howard Richardson

Howard Richardson Dated 12/6/22 and received on 12/8/22 Dear Lydia, Just got your newsletter, received your more personal letter last Thursday. Both Helpful, timely and chock full of info only gotten here! YES, PLEASE SHARE with ministries of Julia Green and Really to whoever you think would enjoy & benefit from. Glad you enjoyed my segment on propaganda!! So many people would be more astute of what is going on and wiser in all their [...]

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Letters from Prison – Alert – Letter from Lucas Denney!

Wendy, Thank you for “ the Weekly Letter from Home” updates. It’s always encouraging. Thank you for all the support as well. I am in prison now and things are still very hard. They put me in a Medium Security Prison that’s known for being very bad. Being away from my kids and other family for over a year now has been heart crushing. They have put me so far away from home that I [...]

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1-24-23 Update on The American Gulag Chronicles Book and A Big Thank You!

A big thank you to all of the Amazing Patriots who ordered their copies of THE AMERICAN GULAG CHRONICLES : LETTERS FROM PRISON !!!! You are helping to create a permanent historical record of a unique and sad time in our Republic’s History. We so Thank You for that! Now many of you who ordered the book are wondering when you will get it. If you ordered your book but have not received it yet, [...]

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1-19-23 A Cry for Help from Ryan Samsel

Ryan Samsel, J6'er held pre-trial in Lewisburg PA, writes to Nurse Wendy earlier this morning: "Hello, Thank you for writing me and the other Jan 6th Defendants. I'm sorry that I have not written back to you sooner. I am only allowed so many stamps per week. I try to use this time as a way to motivate our congressmen in OUR house up there on the hill. I now have my fellow J6 brothers [...]

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