QUOD VULT DEUS 10 Jun 2024
Day 146
Howdy Patriot! 1 Peter 3:14
Such a great blessing to get your letter. Yes, Trust in God is hard. It never makes sense
to our human minds but His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His ways are greater than
our ways. This is why we must walk by faith & not by sight. I have learned through years of
experience how to let go of my own understanding. I got a smile from the story of the man
giving his business to God. I hope you like my website. I built it myself & put a lot of work into it
so I can help as many J6ers as possible. Yes, I have access to CorrLinks, but it costs money so
I use it very sparingly. I kept your email so I may send you a request someday. I chuckled that
you finished your letter w/a dying pen. I commend the determination to finish. 😀
Psalm 86
I recently struggled with an infection in my intestines. The prison rushed me to the ER (actual
hospital) out of an abundance of caution. They feared it was my appendix. Thankfully, it was
not, but unfortunately it was still very serious. I spent the last couple weeks on Anti-biotic,
resting, fighting the infection & fever. Now, I’m doing much better & recovering well. I must give
credit to the prison staff for acting very quickly & decisively to ensure my well-being. My wife is
still looking for work & struggling, but I try to reassure her that God provides. One good note,
my oldest daughter just graduated High School. I am very proud of her. Furthermore, my oldest
son & his wife just gave birth to his 1st biological child (beautiful little girl). I am praying for
them & hoping that they build a strong faith-filled family. It is very hard not being there during
these moments of life’s milestones. However, this is all God’s timing. Once again, it comes to
trust in Him. God bless you my friend! Until we speak again I hope our Lord showers you it’s
Peacefully and Patriotically
Joseph “Pi” Thomas Revelation 2:10
Hostage #47187-509
WWW.Sing4Freedom.us Ephesians 3:14
Zephaniah 3:14

Joseph Thomas

📬 Joseph Thomas
FCI Memphis
Federal Correctional Institution
PO BOX 34550
Memphis, TN 38184

🎂 7/1 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 166 days.

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