Welcome To The Land Of The Free
Part I

From Edgefield South Carolinas Crown Jewel: The Federal Correctional Institution, off of The Resolute Desk 2.1; The “Micro” Edition, and out of the pen of Qrumb comes greetings to all Patriots, Frens, and People of this stone referred to as Earth.

Over the next few afternoons, we intend to write about the circumstances during and in the aftermath of our arrest, why we are in prison, who Mr. Webler was, and who Qrumb is. For use of reading purposes, this will be a several part series instead of our typically long letter.

Mr. Webler was “arrested” in his front yard at his home in Decatur, Georgia at 5:45 am on the Friday morning of December the third Twenty Twenty-One. He was headed to his car and then work. He was dressed in boots, jeans, tee shirt, and a Hi-Vis vest. He was very plainly unarmed and a threat to no one. Suddenly, 30 or more “officers” from every Federally and state licensed gang imaginable swept in with guns drawn, threating Mr. Webler’s life if he refused to comply with illegal force being used against his person.

These licensed gangs, operating under a fraudulent cloak of so called “law enforcement,” committed countless felonies against Mr. Webler, and his Wife, and put the entire community in grave danger to affect an arrest for a series of misdemeanors and petty offenses brought against Mr. Webler from the Gathering of the People that took place at the seat of our nation’s government on January Sixth of Twenty Twenty-One. A simple phone call would have sufficed to bring Mr. Webler in, but just like all other gangs, fear must be spread among those they seek to control in order to maintain their power. God forbid if the “common folk” ever figure out we have absolutely zero need for common thugs to protect us.

While Mr. Webler was being placed in handcuffs and searched his wife, Kirsten, stepped out into their home’s carport, dressed in nothing but boxers and a tee shirt. She very calmly, yet firmly, yelled out to all of the officers with drawn guns, “Excuse me!!! Excuse me!! We have an infant in the house!” (God, I love and miss my fierce little Tiger so much). To this they replied by pointing all of their guns at her, forcing her to the ground with threats on her life and placed her in handcuffs like a criminal.

Welcome to the Land of the Free!!!

That infant, our miracle, Zayne (now called Male A by the system……SMH) was at the time 2 months old. We were in the process of adopting him from a homeless, drug addicted mother who was living on the streets. Regardless if the adoption was finalized or not, he was then, and always will be our son. We will get to him more in depth later in this series of letters.

We have made some bold statements and accusations about Americas police and law enforcement racket. We have good reason for this. This is a time for pure, unadulterated truth. The time for parsing words in consideration of feelings, emotions, and opinions is past. Truth has no consideration for any of that and neither do we. The truth is that No One Is Above the Law. NO ONE. Pointing a gun at an unarmed person is aggravated assault at a minimum. Possession of a badge or not is irrelevant. The Law is the Law. It does not change because one belongs to some elite club or is a gang member. ALL are EQUALLY accountable under the law. If that is no longer the case in a society then Justice has been murdered and usurped by Tyranny.

Our next letter will go further in depth into the reasoning behind taking such a bold stance. For now though it is time to close this letter with the traditional song.
The System – Tom MacDonald.
“Welcome to the system. Everything is mine.”

May God Bless You ALL and God Bless America

Matthew Jay Webler

📬 Matthew Jay Webler
FCI Edgefield Medium
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 725
Edgefield, SC 29824

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