Dearest Barbara,
I am thankful to receive your correspondence. Admittedly, I’ve not appreciated receiving
snail mail to such a degree since commencing with my period of incarceration which began at
FDC Philadelphia, an FBOP facility. I am compelled to respond via hand written snail like
means, as it feels appropriate, combined with an opportunity to practice my writing.
Government corruption…. unchecked indeed. Republican Representative
Representation has been abandoned for quite sometime now, just as the corruptive aspects
have existed. An interesting debate, discussion, and topics, this notion of democracy, as in
contrast to my above stated from within a Republic.
Barbara, darling, I am saddened to hear your loss of your husband. Certainly, your
writing had been well received by many throughout this three year period. Such
correspondence can serve rather effectively. So very thankful I am for your additions of uplifting
and potentially assistive words. My relationship with my sovereign creator, whom provides me
the very inalienable rights, not to be infringed upon, is ever a work in progress.
Thank You, Barbara, again, for your kind efforts in reaching out as you have, it truly is
nice to receive such blessings.
Michael Oliveras

Michael Oliveras

📬 Michael Oliveras
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 D Street SE
Washington DC 20003

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In pretrial detention since 12/20/2023.

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