Dear Ms. Barbara, 3-13-2024

Hello from the other side of the wall. I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and attitude. I’m kind of going through it right now but it is what it is and I’ll snap out of it soon. Again I want to say thank you very much for sending money to my wife Jenn to help with the car getting fixed. It’s not fixed as of right now but its getting worked on as I write this. Now of course there are more things wrong (drive shaft) before it was just the ball joints. But it is getting worked on and God willing will be fixed by the time your reading this. So thank you very much. I wish I was out there to fix it. I don’t know my way around a car like that but my father in law does and I know how to do as I’m told sorta thing. Jenn’s brother is going to help with it. ————————————————– Thank you for the offer of sending me something on financial management but unless it says “for dummies” in the title it would probably go over my head to be honest. Jenn is the Brian’s of the operation. But thank you for the offer. I can probably get into that finance class they have here next time its offered too. We’ve been on lockdowns a lot more than normal lately so I wasn’t able to go to my constitutional law class this last week.. Trump seems to be kicking butt in all the polls. So that’s good. Some of the Georgia charges were through out and tomorrow we should hear something about the documents in Florida… Oh speaking of Florida, it made me smile when I got your letter and it had a postmark of Tampa/Saint Petersburg on it. (Because I lived in St.Pete) so that was nice to see. That was a long way from home. How long did it take to get there? I assume you flew and my guess would be 12 hours in the air. Am I close? I’m glad that you got to get down there and visit friends. It is very important to do. And have fun. Ok, I will let you go for now. Have a great rest of your day and God bless you.

Your friend,

Markus Maly

Markus Maly

📬 Markus Maly
FCI Bennettsville
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 52020
Bennettsville, SC 29512

Incarcerated since 1/26/2022
or 893 days.

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