I was reading the latest copy of the Epoch Times and there is an article about the road to the Revolutionary War. Also if anyone has watched Fox news lately there is a show on the paid side entitled “George Washington the diary of a revolutionary”. What was the young America or the idea of America fighting for? FREEDOM!!!

Freedom AGAINST tyrants, those that would abuse their power! If the Boston tea party were held today they would be in Federal prison right along with us! If the signers of the Declaration of Independence were alive today they would be called haters of the country and thrown into prison with us. George Washington in all likelihood would have been given a life sentence! We are supposed to be a free country but here we are years later and some of us are STILL imprisoned thrown in with the WORST that society has to offer. I am ANGRY my friends! Angry that the government on “behalf of the people” is able to do this! Meanwhile we have a decrepit old man in the white house who quite frankly needs some to change his depends every hour. His crackhead sexual deviant son Hunter and his power hungry wife Jill are telling the white house staff everything is fine… nothing to see here!! BULLSPIT!!!

My friends i am sorry if i am coming across as bitter but each day here is a challenge. I see the guards misusing their power, I see men dying here that should be dying at home or at the very least in a more humane setting. I KNOW everyone says hang on justice is on the way but i ask…. WHEN??? This crap simply CAN NOT continue! invite everyone you know to really study the founding of our country and you will see what i mean. As i speak to you a old man in our unit just went down and the guard on duty told him to “get up”! Yes!!! They just called for a wheelchair. It is DISGUSTING! I cant wait for November so hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel! God Bless you all and if you want to share this with a fellow patriot feel free.If someone wants to forward this to our REAL President (Trump) feel free. I thank everyone for being there for us and i simply can not wait to thank everyone in person!

God Bless!
Rob Palmer
Political Prisoner # 34938-509

Robert Palmer

📬 Robert Palmer
Federal Corrections Complex
Low A2
PO BOX 1031
Coleman, FL 33521

🎂 3/22 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 922 day

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