This is the last of the “Unblocked Addresses.”

Happy Fourth of July!
Today is a day of remembrance. We celebrate on this Historic day! The results of a day when our founding Fathers/Architects of this great Nation that we rent from our Creator and God!
The greatest piece of paper any one could ever apply their names too(divorce papers)! A day when we became free. Free from Tyranny and oppression.
I know I say things that make me appear as if I hate this place. “I’m leaving as fast as I can, or I wont fly the flag any more.” I don’t mean these words. I’m so angry at this moment in my life. It consumes my every day! I’ve been wronged by the very same people I”m suppose to trust and protect with my life! They’ve let me down. They’ve wronged our Great Country. They’ve wronged it’s people THEY took an oath to protect and uphold.
We have this joke and Used Sock Puppet barely holding onto the podium with what little strength he has in order to squint and mumble words that have no meaning. His Dog Handler wife knows what is happening, she should be held accountable as well as the junkie son they claim to love. Any way!
Fly your flag! Shoot some Fire Works. Drink an American made beer. Make love, make some more Christian kids.
In the words of our idiot President: “Get a shot gun. Get a shot gun. Just shoot two rounds off the back porch.” So?????
Get a shot gun! Shoot those rounds off the back porch. Fly that Flag! Reload, shoot some more. Don’t stop there. Grab your pistol and shoot that too. Make sure everything’s off the back porch…
Remember what it must have been, to hack out an living in the woods baring your children along the way. Coming from a country where they abuse, Govern over you with an Iron Fist!
In a new country where you’re Fighting off radicals who would like to change your mind by way of violence.
We made mistakes making this country. Get over it. We’ve never made them again.
I love this country. I bled and fought for this country for years. When my country called me? I didn’t question it.
Kissed my children goodbye hugged my wife, grabbed my gun/body armor/knife and left to the middle East to beat towel heads to the dirt. For years.
Thank you one and all for standing by me. Thank you all for what you do. Thank you for being a Christian and being an American.

Now is the time to stand into the Jaws of Death, and Kiss the Lips of Danger, once again.

My Name is Jeff Mckellop,

I am a Political Prisoner and a Homeless Vet.

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/17/2021
or 1205 days.

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