Dear Barbara, 3-7-24

Hope you are doing well. I’m trying my best to hang in there. Things are getting tough though. My moms health is not doing the best and our money is getting pretty low. It’s gonna be rough for me for a few months. So my sister has this long-time friend who is super far left. She spoke with him a short time ago and he said something I thought I would never hear. He said he’s voting Trump. I was shocked to hear him say this but happy too as well. The D.C. court of appeals put out a statement that all J6 cases were over enhanced. I’m living proof of this as at my trial. I was found not guilty of bodily injury and use of a deadly weapon. However, they gave me enhancements for both those things at my sentencing. They get my appeal on the 25th so keep me in your prayers. Very happy but not surprised of the Super Tuesday results. Lets keep it going. God bless you, Barbara – loved your drawing of Wolfie. It may take a little longer to respond to you as now they are only giving me my mail every 2-3 weeks. But I will always respond. Until next time, my friend.

Barry Ramey

Let’s go Brandon!!!

(Picture of Trump at rally) To Barbara & Wolfie J6 political prisoner Barry Ramey
Make America Godly Again!

(Picture of Trump and lion)

Barry Ramey

📬 Barry Ramey
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Has been incarcerated for 808 days.
including remaining serving time for 344 days.

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