Woman Jogging, killed by Illegal Immigrant. Mother of five brutality murdered by illegal immigrant. Little girl of 12 choked and murdered by two illegal immigrants. Police officers brutally beaten, Illegal immigrants released on bond to unleash more crimes then rearrested, to be released a year later. The story is the same. The actions are the same. How many times does the hand of reality slap your face? Take action people! Take Action!

The story of the Ant and the Grass Hopper.

( In a nut shell) Ant works his entire life to build a better future for his family.

The Grass Hopper does nothing but reproduce, collect welfare, eats grass and makes fun of the Ant for working all the time. When you could be “Chilling The Most “.
Winter comes and the Grass Hopper is feeling the effects of the cold,starts to complain to the Ant about how he has everything, and he has nothing. The Liquior store is closed, and the CVS is looted.
The Ant feeling sorry for for the Grass hopper gives him enough food and water to get him through the week. But the Hopper parties all night long eating and drinking everything.
Hung over, The Grass Hopper Calls the ACLU who call the president. They come down hard on the Ant and Tax him more. The Ant cant drive to the store to pick up the items he needs because fuel is so expensive. So he rides his bike. The Hopper has no bike or car so he calls Biden. They come down harder on the Ant. Giving all the money to the Grass hopper who breeds more. The Ant can’t afford his home any more so he moves to a smaller home. Has his children home school, and cuts off the internet.
The entire Grass Hopper family is discussed about how little they’re getting, They blame it on his skin color and how green he is. So the government comes down with a “Green New Deal Act.”
When the Ant still has more, Oprah, Biden, The View, CNN, MSNBC, Sharpton, Jackson, BLM, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, LGBTQ, and a slew of others, come down harder on the Ant, tax everything he has, and give it to the Hopper. Now the Hopper is happy, knows he’ll get more from the government, If he pounds the pavement, and cries about how little he has, and how he has to escape his own area because of oppression, continues to breed and vote for the next person who gives him free things.
All the while, the Ant has to move his location again where he can start anew. He’s not accepted in this new area, because of his skin color.

I heard some of that on the Radio last night.

I started laughing my A$$ off. thought I’d share it.

Good morning America!
Jeff Mckellop
Political Prisoner
Homeless Ant.

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/17/2021
or 1192 days.



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