Welcome To The Land Of The Free
Part 2
Edit the Second 4/19/24
From Edgefield South Carolinas Crown Jewel: The Federal Correctional Institution, off of The Resolute Desk 2.2;- The “Resurrected” Edition and flowing out of the pen of Qrumb comes greetings to all Patriots, Frens, and inhabitants of this stone know as Earth.
Part one under this letters titled was concluded when Mr. Webler was standing handcuffed watching helplessly his wife’s person was assaulted, and her life was being threatened by a government ordained gang of ARMED THUGS. This sad state of affairs begs the questions of just how in hell did tyranny of this nature come to reign in Our beautiful Land of the Free? Not only does tyranny reign it is accepted as RIGHT……How could this have happened? We will endeavor to answer these questions as we continue to tell Mr. Webler’s story in this and subsequent letters under this title.
“What is good for the goose is good for the gander” is a saying that conveys a principle that we all need to be firmly reminded of. We have a letter in draft, titled “Good Goose; Good Gander,” addressing these principles that grew out of control.  It could not be tamed; so, we shelved it. However, the shelf is no place for this principle. The solution, it seems, is to thread the reminder throughout all our letters; whenever the need arises. Violation of this principle is one of the answers as to how we allowed tyranny to come to reign in The Land of the Free. Therefore, a natural place and time to begin this reminder is here and now.
“What is good for the goose is good for the gander” is a phrase that conveys the principles that “No one is ABOVE the Law” and that there must be “equal application of the Law.”  This is a necessity if a society wishes to have equal justice UNDER the Law. “Do as I say, not as I do’” also known as two tiers of justice is not valid for Mom and Dad, is not valid for the Government, is not valid for the Law, nor is it valid for God. In fact, God is the one that proves the truth of this.
God sets the bar for the principle and leads by example. God is not BOUND by Law yet is He Himself accountable unto the Law. If God is UNDER the Law, well……. What’s good for the goose is, most definitely, good for the gander.
In a Nation whose Pledge of Allegiance acknowledges and declares it to be “One Nation UNDER God,” whom we have established to be UNDER the Law, ALL are UNDER the Law. That same Pledge then declares “with Liberty and Justice for ALL.” Like God NONE of us are bound by the Law, we live with Liberty, however, we are ALL as equally accountable unto the Law as God is.
While we are UNDER God who is UNDER the Law we stand before the Law on equal footing with God. He Himself stands right there beside us. We all live with Justice when that is the case.
This proves the truth behind the Word; in between these two segments; of Our Pledge:
God is indivisible from the People or the Law if we wish to live with Justice for ALL in these
The Law is also accountable unto itself to keep the only entity BOUND by it, the Government, bound tightly. It is the People who are responsible for holding the Law accountable unto itself by ensuring that it holds the Government within its boundaries; or better stated, within the bounds of the Law. If we do not watch vigilantly OVER the self-same Law that we are UNDER it will let the government, it binds loose. its chains will become broken.
That is what happened. Our watch fell. The Government left its boundaries. The Law became broken.
We now know the what and a partial how. To answer the [Re][st] of the how, we will go back to the beginning. We will take a look at the documents that set the creation of this Beautiful; no matter how broken, Nation of Ours into motion.
That, however, can wait until a later time. It is now time to close with a traditional song……….
Warren Hayes: Beautifully Broken

May God Bless You ALL.
May God Bless America


Matthew Jay Webler

📬 Matthew Jay Webler
FCI Edgefield Medium
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 725
Edgefield, SC 29824

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