June 6, 2024
Hello! I am receiving some, (maybe not all), of your letters. I hope you are receiving
mine! The mail is a big issue for me here, since they keep all my other possible forms of
communication restricted. I don’t know if you saw/heard the interview I did on the Gateway
Pundit or not – (I recorded it April 19th, and I think it was posted- maybe the 21st? Of April) –
but I’m in the SHU for doing that interview, and they’re talking about shipping me.

You mentioned your March and April deposits; I did get them, but they were held up a
little…. Maybe only a couple of days. Not much. They would show up on “ Account Balance”,
but not “Available Balance”, at first – but then a few days later, they’d be on both. I don’t know
what they’re doing that for. You’d think that, if something has been working one way, that it
would continue to work that same way. Who knows….

I really don’t know what’s going on with this shipping me deal. A couple of days after
they threw me in here, (a month ago, at the beginning of May), I got a letter from Senator Rand
Paul, saying that HE’D got a letter from my mother requesting I be transferred closer to home,
and…. Long story short; they’re going to do that. This whole deal of locking me in the SHU and
punishing me for made-up offenses, (threatening a lawsuit over mail, and the Gateway Pundit
interview), seems like they got scolded by Rand Paul, so they’re taking it out on me, and
pretending that they’re going to ship me because of my “bad behavior”.

I’m expecting the Supreme Court’s ruling on the 1512 to get me sent back to D. C. very
soon anyhow. There’s a few options for relief for me coming up. I think I’ll be home within 8 or 9
months regardless….if nothing terrible happens.
1.) The Supreme Court’s ruling on the 1512 will send me back to D. C. to be “resentenced.” At that point , depending on how they write that case’s opinions, I could either have my whole case overturned, or just be resentenced without that charge.
If resentenced:
a) we have valid, legally sound arguments that I’ve already served over the
maximum time my charges carry.
b) I could be released on bond pending further action
The problem is that I’m in Judge Mehta’s Court. He is the most crooked, politically motivated
tyrant of all time. So there is zero chance of justice or fairness there.
2.) Trump could pardon me on January 20th, 2025…. or;
3.) my appeals will free me. most likely Spring of 2025 if Trump hasn’t pardoned me by
I’m optimistic. But I’m not sure if I’m realistic. I went to trial because I am not guilty of
ANY of my charges, and so expected to win. So I might be a fool for expecting them to play by
the rules now.

My faith is in God though, and no matter what happens in this life; I’ll be laughing on
Judgement Day when the real Judge passes final judgement!
“Know ye not that we (the saints) shall even judge the angels?”
God Bless!
Pete Schwartz
USP Canaan
P.O. Box 300
Waymart, PA


Pete Schwartz
USP Canaan
P.O. Box 300
Waymart, PA

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