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November Birthdays-Charles Bradford Smith

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES! We are celebrating Brad's birthday today! 🎉 From his mom, Laurie Smith Happy Birthday Charles Bradford Smith "Brad" Tragically Brad will be celebrating another birthday in prison. He was sentenced to 41 months for attending the January 6th rally. Brad is a proud Christian Patriot who has so much love for our country. He attended his very first Trump rally in 2016 when he was 19 years old. He loved Trumps [...]

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November Birthdays-Jeff Sabol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF! One of the nicest men you will ever meet, Jeff Sabol. Intelligent, thoughtful, helpful to others. Jeff has been in the DC jail since January 2021. Please send him birthday wishes and love. Happy birthday 🎈🎉 📬 Jeffrey Sabol #376906 Correctional Treatment Facility DC-CTF 1901 D St. SE Washington DC 20003 💰 View fundraiser Incarcerated since 1/22/2021 or 1011 days. Bureau of Prisons Mail Guidelines - J6PatriotNews [...]

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November Birthdays-Brian Jones

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN! Brian peacefully walked through the Capitol building, took some pictures and left. Another perfect tourist but the gov must punish him because he loves his country, freedom and God. Brian is free on recognizance awaiting his day in Court. Please pray for him. Letters are an amazing way to support a j6er. Sending a card will really do good to their soul. Happy birthday 🎈🎉 📬 Brian Jones c/o Patriot Mail [...]

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November Birthdays-Daniel Goodwyn

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL! We are celebrating Daniel's birthday today! 🎉 Daniel is a Christian Freedom fighter. For a long time Daniel was working as a warrior for truth behind the scenes but now after his prison time is done he is a warrior in the center of the battle. He is a true Patriot and we appreciate him and his work. Please send Daniel birthday wishes and love. "If my people who are called by [...]

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November Birthdays-Luke Lints

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE! We wish you a Happy Birthday. We pray for you and ask God to keep you protected now and after you enter the prison to serve the unjust sentence. Please send Luke belated birthday wishes. He is a young Christian Patriot and deserves our support and love. Happy birthday 🎈🎉   📬 Luke Michael Lints c/o Patriot Mail Project PO Box 173 King NC 27021 https://www.givesendgo.com/LukeLints Bureau of Prisons Mail Guidelines [...]

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November Birthdays-Audrey Southard

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY! This amazing music teacher is a brave true Patriot. She received a harsh 6 year sentence for speaking the truth. Her sentencing speech was powerful and unapologetic. Audrey said "I have grievances, since they don't listen to us at the polling place. They don't listen to us little people in the regular world." "I'm ashamed of this country." She also told Mehta, "When you decide to throw me in prison for [...]

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November Birthdays-Jonathan Mellis

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! Jon is one of the first J6ers arrested and thrown into the DC gulag, tortured, denied basic human and Constitutional rights. He has been in jail for almost 3 years now. He tries to keep positive attitude and sense of humor. Please send him birthday wishes and let him know he is not forgotten. Happy birthday 🎈🎉 Jonathan Mellis #376907 Smart Communications DC Central Detention Facility 1901 D Street, SE Washington, [...]

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November Birthdays-Jeffrey Brown

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF! Please send Jeff birthday wishes. He is a proud Patriot and a great man. He is at his final destination in Southern California, however he has had his visitation and phone privileges revoked until December 15th! He needs letters of encouragement and notes with warm birthday wishes. Jeff would love to hear from you and receive support from everyone. Please let him know he is not forgotten. Happy birthday 🎈🎉 Jeffrey Brown [...]

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November Birthdays-Kash Kelly

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASH! Kash is a true Christian Patriot loved by everyone. His heart is big. He is very missed by his children and wife who says "the light is getting brighter with every day that passes". Kash should have been in a Halfway house by now but the gov wants to torture him a little longer. Please write to Kash. Send him birthday wishes and let him know he is not forgotten. Happy [...]

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November Birthdays-Deborah Sandoval

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBORAH! Deborah and her son went to DC on January 6th to support President Trump. She is a true Patriot. She was sentenced to 5 months in prison where she suffered tremendously. Thank God Deborah is free again now helping others who have also never seen the inside of prison. Send Deborah warm birthday wishes. Happy birthday 🎈🎉 Bureau of Prisons Mail Guidelines - J6PatriotNews 📬 Deborah Sandoval c/o Patriot Mail [...]

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