The Trial of The Century – Update 10: judge allows “Stand Back and Stand By” in

Pete Santilli interviews Nicole Reffitt on his show. Nicole Reffitt is one of the court reporters who keeps us updated on the ProudBoys trial. Please remember to check our blog often for up to date info on the Trial of the Century.

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Judge Kelly Decides What Jurors Can or Cannot Hear!

Nicole Reffitt reporting today from the D.C. courthouse. The Jan Six trial is heating up in the courtroom as Judge Kelly makes controversial rulings on what evidence will be allowed in the case (several motions in limine were filed by the defense and the prosecution) . He is allowing the "Stand back and stand by!" statement made by former President Trump, but is pushing back on defense attorney Carmen Hernandez's attempts to discuss the First [...]

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Multiple Issues in The Trial Of the Century Lead Judge Kelly to Postpone Opening Arguments Until Thursday

Nicole Reffitt* reporting today from the D.C. courthouse. Jury selection has ended, but the jurors will not be sworn in until Thursday. Judge Kelly has moved the opening arguments to Thursday to consider several motions that were filed today. The government filed a 7-page motion in regards to Roger Roots, alleging professional misconduct. However, it is more about conflicts. The government knows that he is one of the best attorneys and it appears that they [...]

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Will The Government Successfully Get Mr. Pattis Removed From The Case in The Trial Of The Century?

Nicole Reffitt Reporting this evening. On the afternoon of January 9th, 2023, there were several significant developments in the Trial Of The Century and we have not even gotten to the opening arguments. There was a lot of controversy on the defense team. Mr. Pattis, one of Joe Biggs attorneys, filed an expedited request for a stay on his suspension with the Connecticut bar and a writ of error with the Connecticut Supreme Court. If [...]

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Update from The Trial of The Century Directly from the Court: 48 jurors being called

Nicole Reffitt reporting. It appears that Norm Pattis, a constitutional attorney representing Joe Biggs, has filed a motion citing extraordinary circumstances in the ongoing Proud Boys trial. Pattis' standing in the case has been called into question due to his law license being suspended for six months for releasing confidential Sandy Hook files. This suspension is seen as convenient for the government, as Pattis is known for being a strong defender of the Constitution and [...]

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Jury Selection Started Again for the Trial of the Century!

As everyone knows that pay a little attention, the selection of the jury for every trial in DC has so far been a disaster for multiple reasons. This trial is no different. the media has been demonizing the Proud Boys for many years calling them white supremacists when we know that the actual demographic of the proud boys' chapters is quite diverse. Therefore potential jurors have a very skewed view of the Proud Boys due [...]

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Jail Shenanigans – Mental Torture is the Norm at Many Jails – At Alexandria Deputy Juarez Should Be Reported and/or Fired!

We have all heard about the horrible conditions at the DC- Gulag and the Northern Neck. We can now add Alexandria Detention Center to the list of gulags where the guards delight in making the J6ers's lives miserable. We already know that the food is horrible forcing defendants to buy from the commissary which does not have healthy food either. Kind of a scam you would think since commissary prices are way above the [...]

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