Nicole Reffitt reporting.

It appears that Norm Pattis, a constitutional attorney representing Joe Biggs, has filed a motion citing extraordinary circumstances in the ongoing Proud Boys trial. Pattis’ standing in the case has been called into question due to his law license being suspended for six months for releasing confidential Sandy Hook files. This suspension is seen as convenient for the government, as Pattis is known for being a strong defender of the Constitution and is highly articulate. There are strong suspicions that the government has done wrong and that this will be revealed during the trial.

There are expected to be significant testimonies in the trial as well, and some witnesses are currently seeking immunity.

The trial is in the process of selecting a jury, with 48 jurors being called. Today there have been ongoing arguments about Pattis and defense witnesses but Judge Kelly aims to have the jury set by 5:45pm.

While these things are being argued, the defendants are being held in DC and should be provided with meals by marshals, a positive aspect of all this as the food in the jail is reportedly poor.

Alicia from the Gateway Pundit has also provided an update on Joe Biggs, stating that he is being treated like a terrorist despite having no history of violence and being a recipient of two purple hearts. Joe has recently been given a tablet, and supporters are encouraged to send money so that he can communicate with others while in jail. She was also mentioned by Greg Reese on Infowars here.

America is ready for a deep reform of the prison system. There is also a call for equal treatment under the law as the current government uses its power against its political opponents.

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