As everyone knows that pay a little attention, the selection of the jury for every trial in DC has so far been a disaster for multiple reasons. This trial is no different.

  • the media has been demonizing the Proud Boys for many years calling them white supremacists when we know that the actual demographic of the proud boys’ chapters is quite diverse. Therefore potential jurors have a very skewed view of the Proud Boys due to the systematic misrepresentation of the media.
  • the DC political landscape is over 90 percent democrat and jurors mostly voted for Joe Biden making them unable to be unbiased.
  • some potential jurors work for representatives or senators, aka the swamp and have skewed views because of it.
  • because of the break during the holiday, jurors had plenty of opportunities to listen to misinformation, to their family and to friends telling them how they feel about it. This will undoubtedly lead jurors to form a preconceived idea of who the Proud Boys are.
  • a BLM organizer was accepted as a juror. Unbelievably this is OK with Judge Kelly, an Obama appointee who himself has demonstrated his bias in several cases.

None of the five men on trial this January deserves the multiple charges they have received. They didn’t even plan to enter the Capitol on January 6, as shown on video from that day. We know that the DOJ’s main scheme to obtain guilty pleas is to overcharge and keep defendants in a constant state of anxiety about their case. Peaceful protestors have been sent to jail for misdemeanors including Pam Hemphill aka #MAGAGranny an older woman with cancer. More and more people have served or are serving sentences because of what they said rather than what they did, an obvious violation of the 1st amendment! These men, however, decided to go to trial, not only to prove their innocence, but to demonstrate the deplorable state of our justice system and the obvious political bias against them.

The outcome of this trial is important because of its visibility, so let’s introduce these men to our audience in an attempt to humanize them.


Joe Biggs

Joe Biggs 

Joe is a purple heart veteran.

United States Army Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs figures prominently in the 2nd 20-minute segment of Dan Rather’s January 6 2009 report from Afghan-Pakistani border.

As a result of his service, Joe is a purple heart veteran.

He is the father of a beautiful little girl he has not been able to see since he was incarcerated on 4/22/2021 or 621 days at this writing.

After he was in the military, he worked for Infowars, gaining notoriety. He later joined the Proud Boys. He got banned from Twitter, PayPal, and Chase Bank. He headlined the #DemandFreeSpeech events in San Francisco, DC, and Miami in 2019.

On January 6, he uneventfully meandered around the building looking for a bathroom, and then left.

Please help Joe’s legal team.

Ethan Nordean

Ethan Nordean   Ethan Nordean - Wikipedia

Ethan, AKA Rufio Panman most known for the “punch heard ’round the world” in self-defense during an Antifa riot in 2018, is one of the most wholesome, gentle, Christian men you could ever meet.

He did nothing to deserve the charges he was given by the DOJ but suffers from the constant lies given by the media about him. At 32:32 in a Slightly Offensive interview of Proud Boys Nick Ochs and Nick DeCarlo, Nick explains that the government made a big deal that he bear hugged him in the Capitol. Guilty!

His family is very supportive and has regular prayer meetings for him and his fellow J6ers.

Please support him

Dominic Pezzola

Dominic Pezzola

Dominic is a marine veteran. He had recently joined the Proud Boys when he was arrested (about a month), and doesn’t even really know his co-defendants. He is the father of two young daughters. He is a typical American father who just wants to be back home with his family.

His mother told us what a kind person Dominic is and how proud his family was that he joined the marine corps.

While in jail, he has been denied his discovery – up until after the trial started – making it impossible to prepare. He is also in poor health, and has not received much help from the different facilities where he has been. He wrote in a letter that he has been physically abused and denied medical care.

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 Zach Rehl

Zach Rehl 

Zach, a marine corps veteran, is known for being the President of the Proud Boys’ Philadelphia chapter.

Zach has missed the birth of his second daughter, and his teenage daughter misses him greatly. He is a loving father and husband – a normal American family man.

Though he was peaceful during the whole time he was in DC, he has been unfairly charged. Like all Proud Boys he has to contend with the constant misrepresentation of the media.

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Henry Tarrio Jr. 

Henry (Enrique) Tarrio Jr.

Despite being accused of being the leader of a “white supremacist hate group”, Enrique happens to be of afro-Cuban descent. He often laughs at the irony of the characterization. He and his family is very familiar with the consequences of communism.

It is interesting to note that he was arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy yet he was not even in DC on January 6th. The indictment alleges a conspiracy, yet they acknowledged that Tarrio didn’t share the 1776 Returns “plan” with the other named defendants.

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