Nicole Reffitt Reporting this evening.

On the afternoon of January 9th, 2023, there were several significant developments in the Trial Of The Century and we have not even gotten to the opening arguments. There was a lot of controversy on the defense team. Mr. Pattis, one of Joe Biggs attorneys, filed an expedited request for a stay on his suspension with the Connecticut bar and a writ of error with the Connecticut Supreme Court. If these efforts fail, Mr. Pattis will be removed from the case.

There were also conflicting issues with Mr. Daniel Hull, the lead attorney for Joe Biggs.  Joe Biggs will have to make some decisions and decide how to move forward. There are a couple of scenarios – they could request a six-month delay in the trial if Mr. Pattis is removed, but it is unlikely that Judge Kelly will grant this request or Joe Biggs could ask to be severed from the other defendants.

There was also discussion about alleged procedural misconduct involving Mr. Roger Roots, the attorney for Dominic Pezzola. This issue will be addressed tomorrow and will have to be resolved before the start of the trial. Additionally, there was an issue with a journalist going up to a potential juror.

It is unsurprising that the government is closely following the daily updates on the livestream and is concerned about what may be revealed, particularly about their own misconduct and tactics. Mr. Pattis is an expert in this, and his knowledge is important regardless of whether he officially remains as a lawyer on the case.

Let’s not forget that, during the Bundy Ranch trial, the judge had to dismiss the case to cover up the government’s misconduct. So, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for more interesting revelations in the Trial Of The Century.

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