ProudBoys Trial Update by Nicole Reffitt

A sunny day in DC, so sunny I guess a juror for the Proud Boy Trial has decided to take a “sick” day, so court was cut short for today. Honestly, I feel for the jury, there are so many sidebars, and them waiting in a small room, I wonder how much testimony they really get to see in a day?? When court let out, I had coffee with one of the defense attorneys who [...]

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TOTC – Update from Nicole Reffitt and More

Good afternoon from a damp and gloomy DC. Back in the court today, after being out sick, so I missed the 1st day of Bertino, Noble Beard….or some call him turncoat Proud Boy who plead guilty to seditious conspiracy, in return for a lighter sentence for his testimony. The direct is being given by Kennerison, and he is really trying to establish that there was knowledge of the electoral count being certified on Jan 6, [...]

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Unpacking Today’s Courtroom Drama in the Proud Boys Trial

Here's an outline of Day 24 of the Proud Boys trial Twitter Thread Unrolled by Roger Parloff according to Chat GPT: I. Opening Statements The day began with the opening statements of the defense team, which argued that the government's case was built on a flawed and biased investigation that unfairly targeted the defendants. The defense also claimed that the prosecution had failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendants conspired to obstruct [...]

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1-19-23 A Cry for Help from Ryan Samsel

Ryan Samsel, J6'er held pre-trial in Lewisburg PA, writes to Nurse Wendy earlier this morning: "Hello, Thank you for writing me and the other Jan 6th Defendants. I'm sorry that I have not written back to you sooner. I am only allowed so many stamps per week. I try to use this time as a way to motivate our congressmen in OUR house up there on the hill. I now have my fellow J6 brothers [...]

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1-19-23 The Trial Of The Century: Defense Teams Battle Against Prejudicial Evidence in Capitol Attack Case

Nicole Reffitt reported from outside the DC Federal Courthouse, where the trial of individuals charged in connection with the January 6th attack on the US Capitol is ongoing. Today's proceedings were delayed and did not begin until 11:55am. The government has been accused of changing the witness schedule, which puts pressure on the defense team. The defense team is arguing against the use of certain evidence that they believe is prejudicial and confusing for the [...]

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1-18-23 Trial Of The Century: Contradictions and Misinformation – The Confusing Testimony of Inspector Lloyd

Norm Pattis asked inspector Lloyd if there were professional agitators. He also questioned him about why were the proud boys tracked by radio even before they even came to any of the barriers. Lloyd answered he did not know why. Lloyd made several contradictory statements saying he was in the chamber and then he was not in the chamber. So what is it, Inspector Llyod? Two more witnesses were supposed to testify but there was [...]

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1-17-28 The Trial of the Century: Defense Accuses Government of Lack of Communication and Showing Irrelevant Videos in Attempt to Taint the Jury.

The trial of the Proud Boys, accused of participating in the Capitol breach on January 6th, has taken a dramatic turn as the defense team has accused the government of lacking communication (they do not even answer emails) and showing  irrelavant evidence. Judge Kelly for the most part takes the side of the government. However he said he will not allow the BLM being burnt by Enrique or what Enrique said about it. Today it [...]

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🇺🇸 LETTERS FROM THE GULAG 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 KELLY MEGGS 🇺🇸 DEC 2022 Wendy, My name is Kelly Meggs and I am an OATH KEEPER who was recently wrongfully convicted of Seditious conspiracy. I was reading your letter while watching the movie JACKLE on the tablet. At 1 hour into the movie, they are placing President Kennedy’s body in state in the rotunda and like a ton of bricks the magnitude of our situation. I was [...]

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1-13-23 The Trial of The Century: Government Infiltration and Excessive Force

As the week ends with a half-day in court, following is the recap of what happened. The jury selection process for the trial has been completed and some jurors seem to be supportive or sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement. This is not a desirable factor for the five ProudBoys defendants. There were some issues with Joe Biggs's lawyers, Dan Hull and Norm Pattis, the latter being almost removed from the case due to [...]

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The Trial of The Century: Update 12

Nicole Reffitt, Real Housewife of J6 reporting from the court today. The government's opening arguments as expected were anything but honest. Since the judge allowed most everything they asked for they showed inflammatory evidences to the jury without of context videos. The FBI and the USPC were in the court providing the optics the government was looking for despite the fact that the defense had put a motion to not allow them in the court [...]

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