Nicole Reffitt* reporting today from the D.C. courthouse.

Jury selection has ended, but the jurors will not be sworn in until Thursday. Judge Kelly has moved the opening arguments to Thursday to consider several motions that were filed today.

The government filed a 7-page motion in regards to Roger Roots, alleging professional misconduct. However, it is more about conflicts. The government knows that he is one of the best attorneys and it appears that they do not want Mr. Roots to be sitting at the defense table in this case. Mr. Roots is the attorney for Dominic Pezzola**, a marine veteran who has been in pre-trial detention for 725 days.

The prosecution is disputing Dan Hull’s representation of Joe Biggs because he also represented people who testified in front of the infamous J6 committee. Mr. Roots and Mr. Hull have also represented clients who are on the witness list. Adding such a witness is a tactic used to get attorneys removed from a case citing that there is a conflict of interest.

We are still awaiting a ruling from Judge Bellis of Connecticut on Norm Pattis’ motion for a stay concerning his license suspension, citing extraordinary circumstances (his need to be present for the current trial). It is uncertain whether Mr. Pattis would be able to be in the courtroom as a court reporter, if he were to be removed from the case.

The government submitted a motion stating that there would not be a 6th amendment issue since Dan Hull has been Joe Biggs’ attorney for most of the time. All this is confusing. There was also an argument that Joe Biggs could not be severed from this case because too much work had already been put into it such as preparing evidence and trial preparation, nor do they want to allow the case to be moved up six months to accommodate Norm Pattis’ suspension, if his motion of stay is denied.

The defense put in a motion to prevent the prosecution from using the “stand by and stand down” quote from President Trump’s debate as it would be prejudicial, giving the jury the idea that the Proud Boys are a surrogate of President Trump.

Another issue that may be addressed is the burning of the BLM flag by Enrique Tarrio that the government deemed to be the foundation for the conspiracy theory. Judge Kelly ruled that the video of the burning of the flag will be allowed.

Concerning the change of venue, Judge Kelly argued that the Proud Boys are recognized nationwide and that the trial being in D.C. does not make a difference. However, since some jurors are BLM activists or sympathizers, it is questionable whether the Proud Boys will be tried by a jury of their peers.

It is surprising that the government is pushing for this trial to occur at this time, considering that the Proud Boys have been held without due process for 2 years. The reasons for the sudden rush and for the refusal of a 6-month extension requested by the defense are unclear.

*As many of our readers are aware, Nicole’s husband, Guy Reffitt, was the first person to be put on trial for his involvement in the January 6th protest. Many people, estimated to be between 1 and 3 million, attended the event to express their grievances and concerns that the election had been fraudulent, citing evidence of fraud from across the country. The Reffitts are Texas residents and have two adult daughters and a son. Unfortunately, Guy was sentenced to 87 months in prison, as well as three years of supervised release, and $2,000 in restitution. He is currently serving his sentence at FCI La Tuna in New Mexico. Nicole has been attending court hearings and trials for several months in order to be the eyes and ears of the J6 community and is serving as the on-site reporter for Pete Santilli.

** It is worth noting that Dominic Pezzola has been suffering from a soy allergy since he was two years old. Despite this, the jail has refused to accommodate his dietary needs for two years, leading to health consequences. Dominic’s mother announced today that he was finally tested and, as expected, the results confirmed the allergy. He will now receive the appropriate food. It is long overdue.

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Dominic Pezzola
📬 Dominic Pezzola
Alexandria Detention Center
2001 Mill Rd
Alexandria, VA 22314

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Incarcerated since 1/14/2021
or 725 days.

Joe Biggs

📬 Joe Biggs
Alexandria Detention Center
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Incarcerated since 4/22/2021
or 627 days.