As the Washington DC Gulag began to fill up with America’s new class of political prisoners in the spring of 2021, an amazing phenomenon began from within a dilapidated and previously abandoned cell block, in the heart of the District of Columbia, our Nations Capitol. A few of the January 6 Prisoners being held there in what was now known as “the Patriot Pod”, officially “C2B”, began to sing their National Anthem in their cells each night before lights out. As more and more January 6 defendants arrived in the pod, this turned into a nightly ritual of continued loyalty to the real America and a group recommitment to their patriotism, despite being persecuted by an American administration bent on their abject punishment. As this ritual began to be heard of and witnessed beyond the C2B pod by supporters and news media, another released January 6th defendant,  awaiting his turn at trial, started an amazing campaign of Solidarity with his brothers and sisters languishing in the new American Gulags of DC and jails and prisons across the nation.

Thus was born the #SING4FREEDOM campaign that now has thousands of Americans singing their National Anthem each night at 9PM eastern time, in solidarity with the political prisoners of the DC Gulag. Using social media platforms and appearances at patriot events and functions, JOSEPH THOMAS, whose telegram nickname is Pi Anon, began to encourage everyday American patriots to step out of their doors and onto their porches, into their yards at 9PM Eastern each night and SING for FREEDOM by belting out our National Anthem with these political prisoners. The response was startling and amazingly viral as more and more conservative Americans began to learn the truth of that day and how these patriots were being treated; the singers seemed to multiple across the country as more and more parents, children, neighbors, all began to SING with their fellow patriots in a celebration of Liberty, a patriotic show of support, and a reminder that we are still ONE as a Constitutional Republic of Free Men and Women! This patriotic campaign spread even into the political headlines, as the crowd at a SAVE AMERICA Rally interrupted President Trump’s speech and spontaneously broke into their Anthem at 9PM, led by another J6 defendant within the crowd. This amazing show of solidarity has served as a touchstone for these incarcerated Patriots, giving them a sense of connection with the growing Patriot Family of J6 supporters, many of them now singing alongside their fellow patriots at 9PM each night.


For close to two years now, JOE HAS LED THE SING, each night, posting his song and that of others on the web and social media, and encouraging others to WAKE UP, LEARN THE TRUTH, AND SING FOR FREEDOM! The prisoners of the DC Gulag have been uplifted by JOE’S work and commitment, and in a show of immense gratitude, presented him with a hand drawn American Flag with the words to our National Anthem upon it, (see picture), as their way of honoring HIS gift of Love and Song, a symbol of our HOPE for their Freedom and a meaningful way to show his and the Nation’s Support for the January 6th Political Prisoners.

Now, JOE approaches his own day in a DC court, to see if TRUTH will finally prevail or if he will join his fellows in SONG more intimately. You can join these Patriots salute every night until our political prisoners are freed, by simply stepping outside the comfort of your front door and Singing our National Anthem with your children. If your neighbors ask what you’re doing, tell them, then get them to join you. If you can do this one, simple, patriotic thing, who KNOWS what you are capable of or what you can do to save this Republi,c for your children and the future.


You can learn more  about the SING4FREEDOM campaign and how YOU can help JOE in his upcoming duel with the DOJ, by going to https://libertylinks.io/PiAnon and contribute to his fight.

It’s just one more way YOU can help our political prisoners find fair and equal JUSTICE!

*Flag image is copyrighted to Joseph Thomas

Joseph Thomas

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Free on recognizance
(charged on 5/6/2021)