By 1:30 on the Capitol Grounds on January 6th 2021, Chaos was master of the scene…the tremendous crush of people built up around the capitol building was inescapable, with those in the fore being constantly pushed from behind, sometimes up to and into police lines and barriers raised in a futile effort to control the incoming press of people. Then, within a matter of minutes, the scene went from a gigantic gathering of chanting, singing and praying citizens, into an assaulted and enraged crowd as MPD officers began unleashing munitions, Chemical Gas and OC spray into the crowd of parents, grandmothers, children and elderly standing peacefully beyond the barriers.

The initial confusion and panic resulted in thousands of unfocused videos of the events by witnesses in the crowd. The videos and selfies were so numerous they created an immense and confusing mosaic of media recordings that gave only a partial view of the events on that day. Missing from the understanding of these events are the coordination of the mountains of video evidence, including the entirety of the governments own recordings and CCTV footage, the AXON body cameras of the MPD officers and leadership (the CPD were NOT wearing body cams that day) that would tell the rest of the story objectively. But these were not to be forthcoming, it was soon evident. Now, two years later, we are left still waiting for them to be released. This withholding of that days events have left the Public and those who were there, with an incomplete and wrongly narrated picture of what happened and who began the violence that afternoon that ended in four murders.

Into this aftermath of confusion walked a patriot with unique skills and a desire to SEE for himself and then SHOW the TRUTH of that day to the rest of America. But first, he had to FIND it! Almost all of the J6 defendants had been denied free access to the trove and as a result few were able to find the evidence that would exonerate them as long as the DOJ withheld this key evidence. Seeking out every bit of video that the DOJ and Nancy Pelosi’s sham committed revealed as well as that being revealed in courtrooms, this Patriot began to compile a list of the atrocities, and then took the videos apart one at a time and annotated every move made by defendants and Law Enforcement that day. The resulting amazing documentary videos were released on M5NEWS across the social media spectrum and the TRUTH was finally revealed. With this growing revelation of videos, more and more and the DOJ and Nancy Pelosi’s narrative was exposed and crumbled to dust as the entirety of the edited clips was finally seen by the public.

This incredible dedicated Warrior is GARY MCBRIDE, founder of M5NEWS and his work has changed the J6 landscape and narrative forever. Devoting all of his time and funds toward this monumental task, Gary works tirelessly to help unravel the thousands of hours of videos into usable and understandable views and explanations of what transpired in reality on January 6th, 2021, not the events in the fairy tale land of the J6 Select Committee. Today, with the releasing of segments of the 41,000+ hours of video, Gary continues to unravel the day for us, in clear and concise scenes, some slowed down to capture every detail, he reveals the brutality of the MPD cadre upon the crowd and shows America what really happened that day.

Like all who toil in these fields without surcease, GARY needs help and funds to keep doing this critical work of finding and revealing the critical evidence of that day. He spends his days observing trials, comparing video, deciphering the DOJ misrepresentation and alterations of video evidence. His work brings clarity and proof to the J6 defense and legal community and makes the false narrative stand out for the lie that it is. GARY MCBRIDE is a True WARRIOR FOR JUSTICE. You can help Gary by contributing to his video efforts. Follow the LINK below to contribute whatever you can to this important and revealing work. Lets help GARY SHOW AMERICA the TRUTH!