The fight for Justice for Jan 6th defendants began almost immediately after the first arrests in early 2021. For the last two years, activists and family members have been fighting to bring awareness of the injustice of the charges and the flagrant violations of Constitutional and Civil rights of these defendants to the American consciousness. It is exhausting, emotionally painful and often physically dangerous work, as activists confront the radicalized left at Rallies and Conservative events, have their speech constantly shadow banned and outright censored whenever the left perceives that the TRUTH about J6 is getting too close to their pacified audiences. But Imagine, if you had been doing this incredibly exhausting work for over THREE DECADES. Speaking out, going public with uncomfortable truths, being attacked and censored, accused and slandered; for over 30 years!!

Well, this weeks WARRIOR FOR TRUTH has being doing exactly that! Those of us in this fight are barely bloodied compared to this King of Caring. I’m speaking about my dear friend and ally, DAVID SUMRALL. No where have I heard a more unique and persevering tale of an everyday American Patriot who has dedicated his all to the moral and Constitutional foundations on which this Great Republic is founded.  And no one in the Patriot Community has not heard of his Foundation and Activism thorough his website, STOPHATE.COM

Founded in 1992 as a result of the Rodney King incident and the subsequent LA riots, STOPHATE was to be a beacon for education and awareness of the dangers of HATRED in America. STOPHATE is an acronym for: Start Turning Off Prejudice Heal Attitudes Through Education. Through his organization, David has stood against various hate groups throughout the 90’s including the KKK, and has been active in local communities promoting his message of HEALING through education as an Antipode to HATE, for over 30 years. David has been a speaker and sponsor of the DemandFreeSpeech rallies in 2019, including those in San Francisco and Washington DC.

David and his teams have organized and sponsored rallies, concerts, and events around the country, including Stop the Steal, and the American Celebration Tour. Like many millions of Americans and Patriots, David attended the rally in DC on January 6th, took some friends and some cameras, and witnessed and captured history.  David acted quickly after J6 to build the StopHate Department of Defense, a listing of J6 defendant’s personal fundraisers. He started the petition to declare J6 “Patriots Day”, built a “Calls to Action” page on his website, and helped organize with other groups to support our J6 families.  David also started a news site,, but it was doing so well it was nuked by “suspicious activity”, and was eventually taken down completely.

A skilled and shrewd investigative journalist, David released STOPHATE’s first documentary on the events of January 6, Righting History, the Journalistic Battle of January 6th,” on 6-4-21.

He followed that mind blowing revelation with Capitol Offense: The Ugly Truth Behind The Five Deaths From January 6th and 7th,” on 1-27-22. those two alone were exceptional works of truth and journalism, but David wasn’t done yet, not by a long shot.

Next, he released his second Major documentaryBloody Hill, the Seven Abominations of January Sixth, on 7-17-22.

  Currently working with J6 defendants and their attorneys, David’s team has taken his investigative skills and acumen into the J6 Legal fray as a video evidence investigator for several J6 Attorneys, taking the thousands of hours of videos apart, frame by frame, to reveal the Truth of that day for defendants, juries and America.

Revelations by the Investigative team include:

◦ Timeline documentation

◦ The Ray Epps origins

◦ FBI and Antifa involvement

They have uncovered the truth about these deaths, including videos and witnesses:

◦ Ashli Babbitt

◦ Rosanne Boyland

◦ Kevin Greeson

◦ Benjamin Philips

◦ Officer Brian Sicknick

They also discovered the videos which were used in the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers trials to refute the prosecutions false narratives of insurrection and prove through video and witnesses that the actions of each of the defendants did not justify any such claims.

Today he continues his fight for TRUTH with STOPHATE and remains, to our January 6th Patriot Community, the King of Caring.  Despite his incredible busy schedule, David is also an Experienced Carpenter, dedicated Husband and Father. He and his wife Cindy are active in many charities and causes in his local community. He also serves as a volunteer Expert for various J6 activist organizations, including serving as Acting Board President of The American Gulag Chronicles, Inc, and as a advising Board member of American Patriot Relief . David is currently working on his third documentary about January 6th, which will be the most inclusive and detailed timeline of the events of that day to date, including unseen footage.


You can help David in his decades long fight for Truth and Justice in America at



In the almost two years since DAVID was first introduced as a WARRIOR FOR TRUTH, he has brought two more important Documentaries to the public, revealing for the first time, the 1000 day anniversary of Political persecution in America and the complete chronological story of January 6th in “J6: The TRUE TIMELINE”. For the very first time, you will see ALL the puzzle pieces assembled and the REAL STORY of January 6th will be revealed to you as it occurred that day. This Update interview with David shows why we call him,


Watch “1000 DAYS OF TERROR