There are many unsung heroes in this country. They embody the spirit of Patriotism, Activism and Service, often without even realizing how invaluable their own contributions are to the heartbeat of this Republic. It’s their caring and determination that drives the social and even the political engines of America towards fairness and justice. Often the causes they embrace are related to the social welfare of our local and national populations. But the most important activists in this time in America are those who serve the causes of Constitutionality and Justice for All.

One such Activist is Suzzanne Monk. This is her story of perseverance…

In the harsh months of the COVID lockdowns, major cities like New York and Chicago were frozen and silent in an environment of fear, illness and death; Streets and venues were deserted, businesses and residents were huddled in quarantined isolation, commerce closed to all customers and social movement restricted and controlled by public edicts. Hospitals and clinics struggled to deal with the growing overload of COVID patients and the scarcity of effective “approved” treatments and necessary equipment to sustain critical patients. Commerce in these cities, and across America, was dying as businesses were shuttered by panicked communities and employees sat idle and masked behind their locked doors.

Finally, Into the darkness of that terrible spring, came an announcement of Hope from the new administration, as they launched “15 Days to Flatten the Spread” and the plan to reopen America’s cities based on the advice of the Administration’s health advisor Anthony Fauci.  Suzzanne saw a need at this crucial moment to help bring some sanity to the municipal recovery situation and formed the first chapter of REOPEN AMERICA in Chicago. Its mission was to assist city leaders, health officials and businesses in finding safe methods of reopening the Windy City for “business as usual”. Her early efforts were met with considerable criticisms and push back by local authorities and citizens alike but she persevered and helped to establish functioning chapters of REOPEN AMERICA in cities across the country. That effort alone was a huge undertaking and though many city leaders rejected the good advice and tactics offered up, the movement helped to guide many municipalities and businesses in a quicker return to a safe normalcy of life in cities across the country.

Enter the 2016 race for the 45th president of the United States. Never one to sit on her laurels, Suzzanne began actively working for the coming election with her TRUMP TALK podcast. Once again, the haters of the Left piled on her efforts and tried their best to cancel and slander her messaging, podcasts, shows and efforts. But their attempts to discourage and cancel her failed once again, as they had in Chicago’s COVID battles and Suzzanne never relented in her fight for DJT as President #45 throughout the turbulent 2016 campaign.

In November of 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected 45th President and began his historic term in office, thanks to the efforts of active supporters like Suzzanne. Her past efforts in COVID recovery were finally meeting with success in the new administration. But she was far from done. In 2017, Suzzanne moved from woke Chicago to Washington DC to be closer to the locus of Politics and put her skills to work in the District promoting the national leadership’s policies and efforts to Make America Great Again!  It was here that Suzzanne’s dedication and drive began to really make a difference in the politics of DC. Forming the PATRIOT ACTION PAC, she often and actively polled and spoke with members of Congress and the Administration to further the MAGA movement and the restoration of a COVID Battered economy. Her PAC empowered public engagement with both the members of Congress and critical Committees holding hearings on recovery in the Capitol and the country. Throughout 45’s term, she remained a constant force for public involvement with our leadership in Congress and once again prepared to join the battle on DJTs side for the 46th presidency in 2019.

The November election of 2020 brought more questions than answers to DC and the nation. The fervent uproar by many over charges of inaccurate or compromised votes and interference in the election created the perfect storm environment. That storm culminated in the peacefully planned and legally permitted Rallies of January 6th ,2021, scheduled to be held around and on Capitol Grounds. Expectations of massive attendance stirred offers of National Guard security forces but they were rejected by Congressional leadership for reasons that are yet to be fully revealed to the American Public. The stories of that fateful day related by the participants of that disaster tell a very different tale than the fake news realities that the public was seeing on Media Networks or hearing in the White House press briefings.

Called once more to the frontlines by a recognized necessity, Suzzanne began to put her activism powers to use in the cause of TRUTH and Justice for the political prisoners of January 6th. Hundreds of citizens were now being swept up and arrested in horrific FBI SWAT raids across America, driven by a weaponized Justice administration hell bent on creating a narrative of “insurrection” for the current administration to cover the abuses of election integrity that so many Americans now believed to be real.

Once More, dedicated American patriots were needed in the country and once again, Suzzanne answered the call. Joining the many patriots who were now encamped in DC supporting the political prisoners of January 6th, Suzzanne was an often recognized face in the protests, court hearings and events around DC and the National efforts to expose the lies of January 6th.  Her new mission, along with so many other heroes of civic patriotism, was to expose the American public to the Truth of that day and how the 46th executive administration was weaponizing and perverting the rule of law to create a predetermined outcome for every defendant who stood before the DC courts. Suzzanne’s efforts to educate lawmakers began with the distribution of the Movie “2000 mules” by Dinesh DeSouzza to over 200 members of Congress to reveal to them the irregularities and violations of election laws under the color of COVID isolation in 2020.  Not content to reveal the violations in the 2020 election cycle, Suzzanne began her efforts to educate Congress on the realities of the January 6th Protest next.

In late 2022, a book of letters and testimonies of January 6th prisoners was created to give the American public an alternate view of the event and the aftermaths in a Book called AMERICAN GULAG CHRONICLES: LETTERS FROM PRISON. In this book, the participants (now defendants and prisoners) of January 6th described in first person testimonies what happened that day, how they were being persecuted for attendance and the horrors of solitary confinements, torture and abuse at the hands of a “WOKE” DC Department of Corrections. With financial assistance from Mike Lindell, the book’s author was able to send over 500 copies to Suzzanne’s team in Washington, DC, where she and a small cadre of dedicated Patriots visited each and every Congressional office and hand delivered copies of LETTERS FROM PRISON to every member of Congress. In the process, they engaged their offices and staff in conversations on Prison Reforms and injustice in America, exemplified by the mistreatments of America’s latest political prisoners. But she STILL wasn’t done!

Next she began a supportive campaign for the activists at FREEDOM CORNER, a public space adjacent to the DC Department of Corrections where the January 6th defendants were being held in substandard conditions and subjected to daily abuses by the left leaning Jailers and other prisoners. Each night, regardless of weather, patriots assembled in a Vigil outside the DC jail, to show the prisoners they were not forgotten and each night at 9PM, they sang our National Anthem (the ORIGINAL) in Solidarity with the man and women inside the Gulag.

Suzzanne met with and prompted interested members of Congress to finally force a tour of the DC DOC Facility, now shamefully renamed the “DC GULAG” by January 6th supporters. The abject conditions of confinement and mistreatment were finally seen by US lawmakers for the first time, and their outrage at these horrific confinements reached the public in statements, images and the amazing story of the prisoners singing the National Anthem together each night at 9PM from their prison cells.

On the 3rd anniversary of January 6th, Suzzanne appeared at the Jan 6th memorial remembrance in the garb of “CAPTIAN J6”, Champion of the Patriots being persecuted by the administrations sycophantic three letter bureaucracies’ (see photo).   Throughout the past three years, she has been a tireless supporter and agent of change in DC, among lawmakers and J6 activists alike.

Her latest and most important project to date, involves creating a blueprint for the legal restoration of these prisoner’s rights and civic lives. The PARDON J6 PROJECT seeks to develop a roadmap for the 47th president to pardon or commute sentences of defendants prosecuted for January 6th attendance, end the relentless pursuit of rally goers on that day and restore a sense of Justice to the courts and supporting enforcement agencies in America. The task is no simple one, but the ramifications of its success cannot be ignored, should #47 be Donald J. Trump at the end of the coming contest.

What will her next amazing effort for AMERICA be?

One can never tell when dealing with a WARRIOR FOR TRUTH!