This series of J6 Patriot News posts highlights the many Patriots who have heard the call for Justice in our Republic and answered it. Each of these persons has found a way to turn their unique skills and abilities to bringing the Truth of January 6th to Light. All are dedicated to exposing the corruption and bias being used against everyday Americans to silence their voices and punish their beliefs. Many have abandoned the comfort of their everyday lives to join the struggle for Justice for January 6 defendants and bring the TRUTH about that day to light for all Americans. As we await the much delinquent and promised release of CCTV and AXON footages of that horrendous day, we cannot forget the many patriots whose tenacious efforts and public revelations and actions forced the hands of Congress and Speaker McCarthy* and who continue to apply that pressure with an unrelenting series of revelations, documentary videos and reminders of those being persecuted unjustly. When the curtains of imposed secrecy are finally raised on the scenes of that day, many Americans will wonder how such misrepresentations of fact could have stood as the public narrative from a corrupted and politicized Department of Justice and its attendant weaponized bureaucracies. Let Justice Be Done!

As you read these coming stories of dedication and bravery, of sacrifice and faith.

Look closely in your mirrors, and see if, like these brave souls, the American Patriot in You, looks back or is it one of the political prisoners? If it is, it is time you decided to act as one!

-Furious Tim


* McCarthy promised to release the CCTV to the public,  and broke his promise. It is to be noted that some are asking for these footage to be at least released to J6ers. But this is not possible because at this point the supposed release is in a KIOSK at the Capital. As most know, J6ers are forbiden to go to Washington DC except for trial or sentencing. So, basically if videos are not released for a remote viewing, it is useless to J6ers.