A sunny day in DC, so sunny I guess a juror for the Proud Boy Trial has decided to take a “sick” day, so court was cut short for today.

Honestly, I feel for the jury, there are so many sidebars, and them waiting in a small room, I wonder how much testimony they really get to see in a day??

When court let out, I had coffee with one of the defense attorneys who has practiced in the DC area for over 35 years, and in that time, they say they have not seen such shenanigans from the government, or the Judges. For instance, Captain Kangaroo Kelly who is in like the 24th day of trial, out of a 6 week period, said the defense only had 4 hours to respond to the inconsistent statements made by Bertino, Proud Boy turned informant for the government, made during testimony, and for the defense to submit all cross questions to the court before cross??? Ummm….so basically the government wants to see what questions the defense will ask, and how can they know what questions they may want to ask, before he is even crossed?? How can they predetermine what or how he will answer, and prepare a question for that….

This is the government taking complete control of the narrative, and the Judge allowing it, and not an issue with time constraints, because like I said, 6 weeks of trial, only 24 days with the jury sat, and so much of that time is spent in sidebar, or the jury not even in the room. So, I do know that the issue is not time…..

I do know that Kangaroo Kelly knows this case means something, because mr. Matthew Graves has shown his face in the courtroom a couple of times, he is the United States Attorney for DC, and in the courtroom daily is Jocelyn Ballantine, Chief of the Complex Conspiracy Unit of the Capitol Siege Division of the US Attorneys Office….if you can believe that is an actual title, but it is….she works as some kind of “case manager” and seems to be guiding the Prosecution?? It is truly a circus in that courtroom with all the tricks you would expect. It is so hard to sit back and watch the injustice, and the true persecution Jan 6ers face in the courtroom, but everyday more and more truth is being revealed.