Good afternoon from a damp and gloomy DC. Back in the court today, after being out sick, so I missed the 1st day of Bertino, Noble Beard….or some call him turncoat Proud Boy who plead guilty to seditious conspiracy, in return for a lighter sentence for his testimony. The direct is being given by Kennerison, and he is really trying to establish that there was knowledge of the electoral count being certified on Jan 6, and that the intent was to stop the count. There are no real messages of a plan, or organization, just general messages of “ keep our Country” “1776”, more rhetoric quotes of our Founders…..which I have seen criminalized in other trials, and this trial is no different. There have been some long stares from the defense table to the witness stand, and it is hard to know how betrayed they feel with their “brother” testifying against them, knowing that much of what is in the chats are inflammatory statements made by Bertino, and the others mostly just responding. Still no plan to take over the government, still no sedition, just a lot of talk about keeping our Country, and demanding election integrity. There is no coordinated plan…..but all the government has to do is establish there was an agreement on a plan?? I cannot see any plan in these messages, just inflammatory statements….lets hope the jury sees this as well. There are so many sidebars in this trial that I feel that it takes up most of the day, I hope the jury does not get distracted, and can only remember the inflammatory statements, and not that there was NO plan to “storm the Capitol”. Enrique Tarrios mom and sister in law were staring holes into Bertino, and at every sidebar you could see how uncomfortable Bertino was. After lunch the government will take up their direct on Bertino, I will be going to Garrett Millers sentencing, and hoping to pop in on the Oath Keepers 3.0. The lunchroom in the courthouse reminds me of a high school cafeteria, the DC federal courthouse is a machine pumping out Jan 6 cases, and it is hard not to notice all the different groups in the cafeteria, much like a high school cafeteria, obviously you know who the cool kids are….lol. It is honestly my favorite time of the day, there is true fellowship among the Jan 6ers, and even if I can’t get to a hearing or trial that day, we all know we can meet up in the cafeteria,and have a hug, catch up, pray. It is a blessing. So very proud of our Jan 6ers, they are so brave!!

After lunch, went to Garret Millers sentencing, the government gave their argument on why they believe Garret deserved a more harsh sentence. With all the theatrics of a college drama class, declared that Garret was the “match that lit the fire, on the East side”, I believe my Guy was the match on the West side….only to go on and say “ I had a colleague say that ‘hail doesn’t follow the storm, the hail is the storm,’ and Garret Miller is the hail” I don’t think this impressed Judge Nichols, and made the rest of us nauseous. Garrets mom, dad, brother, and friend from Boy Scouts all gave a verbal testimony to Garrets character to judge Kelly and it was hard to keep the tears back. Garretts brother gave a beautiful testimony of Garretts character, talking of his love of dogs, his love for his family, and his hard work. Judge Nichols came back with a 38 month detention, 36 months supervised release, and a $610 special assessment fee?? I did not catch what that was for.

So much going at the courthouse, 12 Jan 6ers on trial, 12 sentencing, 7 plea agreements, 9 pre trial hearings, 1 bench trial, and many motion, and status hearings. So back at it tomorrow, trying to be present for our Jan 6ers that are being persecuted and prosecuted. Much love and God Bless