Nicole Reffitt reported from outside the DC Federal Courthouse, where the trial of individuals charged in connection with the January 6th attack on the US Capitol is ongoing.

Today’s proceedings were delayed and did not begin until 11:55am. The government has been accused of changing the witness schedule, which puts pressure on the defense team. The defense team is arguing against the use of certain evidence that they believe is prejudicial and confusing for the jury. The government is also trying to paint the defendants in a negative light, including labeling Zach Rehl as a terrorist, anti-vaxxer, and racist.

The defense team is arguing that the government should present the full video as evidence, instead of cherry-picking clips, in order to provide context. Judge Kelly has not yet ruled on these arguments. Additionally, the defense team is arguing against the relevance of certain evidence that predates the conspiracy timeline set by the government, as it is argued that it shows state of mind and how the defendants are connected.

Smith also argued that posts made by Ethan Nordean, a member of the Proud Boys Ministry Of Defense (MOD), are being taken out of context and used to paint them in a negative way.

The government claims that the videos show the defendants’ state of mind and their connections to each other. The first witness, Special Agent Nicholas Kaser, testified about the raid on one of the defendant’s homes and the discovery of Proud Boys challenge coins. These coins are often used tongue-in-cheek by the group, but may be interpreted differently by the jury.

Norm Pattis mentioned he did not like the way the prosecution uses derogatory statement against his client Joe Biggs. In the same way, Carmen Hernandez, who is the attorney for Zach Rehl, stood up several times to make objections. She is not shy and she is fighting hard. Yesterday the prosecution tried to tie together the actions of several Proud Boys awaiting trial in separate cases, such as AJ Fischer, whose attorney firmly stated that “there were zero comms between her client and these defendants.” And that “Fischer exchanged no calls or texts with anyone in the case.”

AJ Fischer, a US Air Force combat casualty care instructor, witnessed a lot of police brutality at the US Capitol on Jan 6 and was live-streamed giving medical assistance to a man bleeding from the head outside the West Terrace early on in the protest, as seen in this video. It is this unwarranted violence by the police that provoked the anger and reaction of some people in the crowd. Of course the government does not want these evidence to come out as it destroys their narrative.

We are expecting the defense teams to continue their fight for justice. As many have said: “The Proud Boys did not wrong!” and it is the defense’s goal to demonstrate this fact during The Trial Of The Century.