Nicole Reffitt, Real Housewife of J6 reporting from the court today.

The government’s opening arguments as expected were anything but honest. Since the judge allowed most everything they asked for they showed inflammatory evidences to the jury without of context videos. The FBI and the USPC were in the court providing the optics the government was looking for despite the fact that the defense had put a motion to not allow them in the court room during their opening arguments.

Carmen Hernandez asked for a mistrial and it was of course denied.

The judge said that he did not have the authority to rule whether Mr. Pattis can defend Joe Biggs as his license was suspended in Connecticut. Joe Biggs at this time is left with Daniel Hull who himself has been exposed for saying very unpatriotic things about Ashli Babbitt, a veteran who was murdered by Capitol Police Lt Michael Bird.

“Nah. She’s like a common criminal. Maybe you don’t want to do the interview now,” Bigg’s attorney continued. “But most of the people who are there, not knowing what they’re doing, and making it up, about — in their head, they’re just really stupid people who shouldn’t have been there.

“It’s nice to see them politically active in their life. But this is some of the dumbest people on the face of the planet and they made the right look really bad, really bad — my right.”

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