” If your reading this?  Then you are the resistance.

     When I resided in Costa Rica for two and a half years.  “Santa Anna” W/W of San Jose by 45m.  I was pulled over by a snap check point of local policia. They pulled me and my children from the vehicle and had us stand off to the side. They went through my vehicle like I was in Down Town Iraq.  They were questioning me and my children about our location and where we were headed.  Nothing?  I was let go. Mean mugged and told never to do what ever it was again.
I went to the hospital for an impalement injury while out ridding my Mountain Bike.  13 stitches, and 3.5K later.  When awoke from the local medication?  I was directed by the staff an a local officer to produce my credit card.  I was to pay the bill before leaving. Or you don’t go any where…….
I had no rights what so ever.  When our maid was stealing our daughters jewelry and money?  We called the local policia to investigate. Nothing.  They came to our Casa and looked through our entire home for some sort of evidence to steal for them selves.  No Rights what so ever!  Because I wasn’t a CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
 If I were to have done, what these illegal fools did, and flip the middle finger upon release, get on a bus, change my name, and haul balls to CA for a finger blast event with newly trafficked underaged women?  In a third world dump?  I would’ve never seen the light of day again.  
Joe Biden: ” No one is above the law!” Nancy Pelosi:” No one is above the law.” Rashid Talib, Ilia Omar, Acacio Cortez(AOC),” No one is above the law.”  Well, Well, Well,,,,  What do we have here?
 Now is the time to step into the jaws of death and kiss the lips of danger.  You will never have another chance in life to save your self. One day you will wake up and have nothing…..
 How much more can you give before you have nothing left to give.  They will want more………
George Orwell, “Animal Farm.” “Four legs good, two legs better.”
Jeff Mckellop

Political Prisoner “

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1056 days.

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