This Thursday night at 8:50pm, my cell phone rang with the 202 area code. That usually means a j6 prisoner was calling me from inside the Bureau of Prison’s gulags somewhere. I listened to the recorded preamble telling me a prisoner was calling me and giving me options to accept or reject the call. I Always accept. This time, it was a voice and a name I knew well but had never heard on a prison line before.. it was my friend and j6 warrior, Joseph Thomas, aka PI ANON.
We spoke for a few minutes about his new environment and how he and his family were adjusting to his imprisonment.
Then at 9pm, he stopped abruptly, said “It’s about that time”, and begin to sing our most Beautiful National Anthem in a voice that has stirred so many to join in across America and Sing 4 Freedom! With a catch in my throat, my wife and i joined him in this sacred song of praise for our Republic and together, for a few minutes, we renewed our commitment and proved to ourselves and Providence that we are STILL HERE as long as the January 6th HOSTAGES are STILL THERE! Tears flowing and heart soaring, I ended the call with thanks for his gift… such a simple thing, but It’s a call I will remember and treasure..
I invite you to learn for yourselves these incredible feelings of pride and unity tonight, and every night, at 9pm, by singing our beautiful anthem with PI ANON, the j6 prisoners across America and a growing cadre of supporting American Patriots.
We will #SING4FREEDOM until our Patriots are set free and are home with their families once more.
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