June 17, 2024



I want to thank all of you for sending me “Birthday Wishes” and greetings! 🙂

Best AMERICANS this country will ever have!


I was watching the illegals storm across our boarder(Fox News), and this feckless Used Sock Puppet wander off shaking hands with ghost people. Then the Fox News channel Welcomed every one, and announced that it was a Monday, June 17. I was like,,, Why is that important? Could it be another year of the invation? Oh, it’s my Birthday!

Happy Birthday too me! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Rivers for singing to me on the phone last night! Best ever!!!!! 🙂
Thank you Lydia, Thank you Karen! Thank you Don & Donna! I love my children so much! I miss you Dave, and Paige!
This is my Fourth Birthday in captivity.
Americas worst nightmare. Judge Nichols: “It doesn’t matter what any one says, he’s not going any where.” Prosecution: Because of Mr. Mckellop’s training? If we let him out, he’ll hurt people, he’ll kill.”
One more birthday in this insane asylum. My fourth Birthday!! One more and I’ll be 60. I’ll turn 60 years old in jail. Wow! My kids will be in college, because I’ve missed their entire years in high school. So I might see them graduate from college. What the hell? I’m the worst thing, this country’s ever seen right? Not the Illegal Alien who raped and murder the woman last week.
According to Team Douche bag: Bright, Linder, and that sleez, Shipley. “Jeff when you get out, you can pick up where you left off, get a job in a half way home, get back on your feet, and go back to what you were doing.”
I’ve got that going for me.

I started counting the holes in the ventilation system. I have ten. The Air intake has ten ports, the Out Put had ten. I cleaned them so I could get an accurate count. It comes up with ten no matter how you count. I counted on the top to bottom. Then bottom to top. By 2’s, 5’s, 1’s. It has to be an even number unless you want to divide or choose prime numbers to work with. But the end count will be ten. Air comes in, air goes out. Another day down. I sit down and stare at the chipped paint on the wall. Thinking about everything, then I realize I was thinking of nothing. Then stop thinking.
( I did that for Tim. He told me that he used my story about the holes underneath the top bunk.)

So. One more year down in captivity. SERE Training:
Keep the mind occupied. Keep pushing, never stop, always moving forward, never quit. Always thinking. Never stop assuming. America has completely lost it’s way, not me. I keep going. I have an objective. Sweat down the side of my face, but I don’t quit, grenade down the hallway, run into the smoke, and never stop. Keep moving into the stair well, grenade down the stairs. Brian Moffet and me. We hear them. Their running. keep going. Never stop. Make commo, keep going into the next building. Onto the roof. Throw another grenade into the window. Into the building and through the debris of the now buring rooms. Spray the next room with automatic 5.556mm, down the hallway. There they go. down the street. We follow. Talafar 2005-2006
Roof top so hot, the sweat. Tracers coming so close to your face you can touch them. RPG smashes into the side of our building, but it doesn’t stop the momentum. Keep pushing, No retreat, No quarter.

How much more will you take America before you quit? How many more times will you be slapped in the face, before you take actions to protect your self?

My name is Jeff Mckellop. I’m now 59 y/o.

I’ve been in jail for over three years.

I’ve lost everything I’ve ever collected, and owned.

There is no end…….

Jeff Mckellop
Political Prisoner
Homeless Vet.



Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/17/2021
or 1188 days.

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