OMG! I can’t believe that our leader’s Uncle was shot down in a single engine wind-up airplane over Papua New Guinea!!!:( I want to thank his uncle for his service to our country and giving his life in defense of it’s honor. Standing up for those who could not stand for them selves. Then to add insult to injury? He was eaten by Savage Cannibals? What does “Uncle Boozy” taste like?
This idiot insults every American out there that’s served our country!!!!
Oh, wait! I lost friends in combat!!!!!!!!!!!! They didn’t get eaten like some peoples relitives, but they had loving families.
Say their name Biden!!!! Dave Hurt, Paul Sweeny, Lonnie Snepp, Tony Yost,! All Special Forces! All Friends, who gave their lives so that others may live!!!

I’m going to have a moment of silence(ok done) for this fools relatives.

Am I the only one taking crazy pills? Doesn’t any one see this guys actions and speech? I hate to say this, but he’s declining at a rapid rate of speed. When: You find your self in an iron grip by your wife and looking around for ghost people, and so focused on stepping down four steps, mumbling to no one, sticking your hand out to shake hands with a ghost, there might be an issue.
Look behind him during the mumbling speech of lies. Look at the people supporting him. OMG.
There’s a locomotive coming through the tunnel. You see the light, Your on the tracks. Feel the wind rush through the gaping maw of death. What are you going to do when it comes for you?

Jeff Mckellop
Political Prisoner
Homeless Vet.

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1131 days.

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