“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 7.8: The DC Gulag; Washington, DC

–To Hell with the Public Defenders Office–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony

After I refused to continue with the Debriefing sessions by the FBI, I was given a tentative Plea Deal. I never saw it, but even my Public Defender, Shelli Peterson, told me that she had rejected the Plea outright. She said “It’s a bad Plea deal, I told them no”. When she did that, the Prosecution team returned with threats – telling my attorney “…either she takes this Plea Deal, or we’re going to do something worse to her…” When she told me this, I told her flat out, “I am innocent. I didn’t do what they’re saying I did… so let them. I will still be innocent, no matter WHAT they charge me with.” Turns out, the DOJ wasn’t bluffing. They had grand ideas for my demise. Less than a week after the Anniversary of J6, on January 12th, 2022, I found out that I had been Indicted for Seditious Conspiracy. I learned of the new Indictment from the “News Feeds” section on the Black GTL tablet. Soon, a flood of articles from two dozen leftist Media sites were boasting that “Aha! January 6th WAS an Insurrection after all! They arrested Stewart Rhodes and Indicted a dozen OathKeepers with Seditious Conspiracy!” The Leftists broke out into unrestrained glee, and the Conservatives shook their heads in derision. Nobody stopped to think that we were innocent. And yes, my Jury WOULD find me innocent. I listened to 105.9FM WMAL live that night, and even @MarkLevin joined in and said “…[the Oathkeepers] sound like a bunch of wackos!” Yeah, Mark. The Indictment was INTENDED to make us sound like “wackos”. But the Indictment was full of lies, obfuscations, and miscontextualized statements. But that thought never crossed the minds of anyone in the Media. They were all too joyous to boast of our disgrace; engaging in a new wave of my public shaming that wouldn’t end until our trial did.

I flipped out. I cried so hard, I think that capillaries in my eyes burst. I was devastated. My nose ran, and my eyes burned with fury. Ryan Nichols had to try and calm me down as I hyperventilated gasping… “I’m innocent. I’m not a traitor. I’m f***ing innocent!” He spoke calmly, trying to reassure me “It’s going to be, Ok alright? It will be ok…” I gagged out the words, “You don’t get it. I’m a veteran! I’m not a traitor! They just called me a traitor to my country, and I am innocent!” Once I composed myself enough to speak, I called my attorney. She must have been expecting the call, because she picked right up. We went back and forth, and I told her “I am innocent! How are they doing this? Why?! Why?! That stupid f***er Joe Biden and all the f***ing c**ksmokers that work for that f***ing doddering, kiddief***ing sick f***ing pedophile just called me a traitor and…” She cut me off, and said, “Hey watch it! You have no right to talk like that about him, you don’t know…” I hung up the phone. She was taking Joe Biden’s side, and not mine? I was enraged, thinking F*** that. And f*** her. I decided then. I needed a new attorney. I refused to have some Biden-lover as my attorney for a January 6 Sedition case. Not happenin’ captain. At this point, I had some SERIOUS concerns about how “buddy buddy” she was with the Prosecution team. She knew them (and their families) on a first-name basis. Some serious red flags had been getting raised, and I started getting paranoid about Shelli leaking info to the Feds.

At one point, I had a laptop with Discovery videos on it. I meticulously crawled through footage frame-by-frame, and actually PROVED that leftists (likely Antifa) had a coordinated strike on Police Officers. I showed the perpetrators faces and even identified their “strike signal”. It was OBVIOUSLY not Trump supporters. Guy Fawkes masks. Black Bloc attire with gas masks. At a signal, they all pulled out pepperspray and simultaneously sprayed Police with the SAME BRAND of pepperspray cans. Too coincidental to be accidental, and meanwhile the ACTUAL Trump supporters were trying to stop them. I showed ALL my proof to Shelli, and less than a week later, the FBI miraculously arrested 2 Proud Boys for the crime, claiming they did it. Then I showed Shelli footage of Meeks, a man who followed us to the Capitol (he played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar). I pointed him out, and less than a week later HE was arrested and put on our Indictment. I suspected Shelli was leaking info to the Feds. One time, she told me “You’re a racist for being at January 6th.” I said “WHAT THE F***! NO! I am NOT a racist Shelli!” She said, “Well, January 6 was a racist event. A guy had a ‘Camp Auschwitz’ t-shirt, and another guy had a Confederate Flag.” I was flabbergasted. I said “So what then? 2 idiots out of 2 million people? There’s bound to be some crazies in the crowd! But that doesn’t mean J6 was racist, and I am CERTAINLY not racist for being there!”

After the Seditious Conspiracy Indictment, when Shelli stuck up for Biden and not me, I was DONE with the Leftist run Public Defenders Office. I needed a new attorney… one willing to hear the truth… one who could help me prove my innocence. And I needed that new attorney… stat. Timothy Hale was one of my best friends in C2B. His aunt Cynthia was a good friend of mine while I was in there, and she ran the Patriot Freedom Project. Her organization had paid for mortgage payments, utilities, vehicle payments, and provided funding for lawyers for dozens of J6 Political Prisoners. Very few organizations did as much good for the J6 Community as the Patriot Freedom Project. Being destitute, I came to her with my hat-in-hand and I had to ask her for help. I didn’t want to do this, but I was at an impasse with Shelli. Within a week, she found me an attorney… the same attorney as for Tim… Jonathan Crisp, Esq. He was a Colonel in the US Army, and so I was very nervous at first. It’s a fraternization thing, and me being enlisted rank during my service, well… I was kinda shy. Needlessly. He would be an AMAZING attorney. I told him my situation, and I told him how I had been Indicted on Seditious Conspiracy. He said, “That’s VERY unusual. That’s a very uncommon charge, and comes with a high burden of proof” and then he asked me flat out, “Do you want me to be your attorney?” I said… “Well, yessir. Yes I do.” And so began the fight for my innocence.