Jennifer Ricketts

Branch Director, Civil Division


     My name is Jeff Mckellop. 


   Born 1965.  Graduated from High School in 1983.  Joined the United States Army, June 2, 1987.

     101st Airborne Air Assault, 2nd Ranger Bn, 3rd Group Special Forces )DA 394/396

     As a contractor.  We are required, every two years, to take a battery of tests, both physical, and mental to evaluate our readiness. 

    I was chosen to perform my services. Because I was able to understand an make a split decision in a combat environment. To Record and Report with Accuracy! 

   I know right from wrong.  

   What I witnessed on J6 was an all out assault on humanity.  In a military perspective?  They were told what to do. They wanted it to happen. The commanding officers became line soldiers. 

 Everything I tell you is on video.

  The Metropolitan Police and Capitol Police(MP/CP).


     This is my message in a bottle: 

     I was at the Capitol January 6, 2021.  I was asked to go by a friend of mine.  I rejected at first.  History has it:

There’re violent “Counter Protesters, Instigators, Agitators, and Motivators” making their appearance to inflict violence on the innocent.  Just to further their ideology and political objectives. That’s Fascism.  Chances, We’re going to encounter them.

     I agreed to go, and that was the decision that changed my life for ever.    


    I was part of a crowd of others, around 200-300 people to reach the southern side of the West Steps.  

   There were only four CP standing there with two “Bicycle Rack” barriers.  It didn’t take long for an argument to pick up.  “Here they come!”  Shouted one officer.  Then they all ran off.  Every one just walked forward.  Up the steps we went.  I was waving my Trump/Thin Blue Line Flag and yelling Trump, and singing the National Anthem with everyone else.

    My friend and I were standing by a Brick wall watching as, MPD and CP moved barriers to the forward steps of the West terrace.  They pushed every one back to the steps and then stopped!  Why?  Why not keep pushing them off the grounds while they had the upper hand.  Immediately the MPD and CP started throwing Smoke, CS, and shooting rubber bullets from elevated positions. I watched MP/CP use Rubber Bullets, Sting Grenades, CS,and use their night sticks on people trying to retreat. There was, No warning, Alert,Bull Horns, L-Raz, telling people to move back.  People started dropping to the ground, unconscious and injured. Both Men and women.  When the population saw women being beat?  They became more violent.

   Frozen water bottles were coming from behind me. I was being pelted with, sticks, rocks, and pipes. 

   I removed my protective equipment from my pack and put it all on.  

(People as why I didn’t leave?  You couldn’t take your eyes from it! There’s a history of ANTIFA, BLM attacking Supporters as well as innocent people with, Knives, Explosive bottles, Rocks, Bike Chains, Sticks, and over powering odds.  I’M NOT GOING TO GO TO A RALLY WITH OUT MY PROTECTIVE GEAR.)

     Once people started throwing objects? Things started to heat up.  Hundreds of people near the front pulled the entire, waist high black railing out of the cement an used it as projectiles.  I was about 25 meters from the assaults.  The crowd grew seriously angry.

     The amount of people that had accumulated was unmeasurable. It was roughly thousands.   I turned around at one point and saw a ocean of humans from the capitol to the Washington Monument. 

     The protesters, MP/CP became as one! No line, no order just violence.  MP/CP were using what ever they had to beat the living crap out any one that came near a portion of fence line.

      More CS Gas, More rubber bullets. More people beat to the ground(women and men), the more the crowd became violent. A point of no return.

     The crowd wasn’t taking any of it any more.  There were countless pockets of violence all over the place.  You could see people, trying to move away from the fence, but there were too many people pushing forward.  The brutal beating continued.  I watched in horror, MPD and CP grab people and beat the crap out of them to an unspeakable state.  I watched civilians pull MPD/CP into the crowd, with MPD/CP following them in order to form an all out Battle Royal.  

  Around 1400, CPT Augustine of the MPD. Couldn’t figure out what to do.  They were in charge! They became “Line Soldiers!”

  Running around beating, Mace, Taze, until MP/CP told them, (Three Times) to stop!

  When standing on the WEST Terrace. SGT Edwards, CPL Jason Crisman, CPL Tara Tindal were raining CS riot gas onto the crowd.

   Several rounds fell short. (No training on weapon systems, The entire event was a training program for MPD).  A Round fell short into the crowd. The Civilians picked it up and threw it back.  

  CPT Augustine, not knowing what to do.  Started kicking it down the line of MPD fighting with Patriots.

  As he was kicking it down the line of officers, Wind did the rest. Gassed the entire police force!  I watched on his body camera, as 37 MPD, simply walk off the line.  They were totally incapacitated. No officers left to hold the line? The Crowd  moved forward.1415

    Both met ( Bagshaw, Augustine) on the steps under the scaffolding with SGT Thau.  The three were screaming at each other for a plan of action. SGT Thau lost it completely and was calling for National Guard and more violence. “This is a fucking broken arrow!  What the fuck do we do? What the fuck are you going to do sir! Where the fuck are you going? Sir!”

  Thau was told once! By Lt. Horos to stop beating, mace, and tasing people.  Once!

   Augustine, asked Thau: “What do you want to do?”  The only man completely our of control!!!

    I watched MPD and CP hold people on the ground, while other officer’s stomp and beat the shit out of helpless people.   

  The Three decided that they needed to get into the situation. THEY WERE INCHARGE! THEY GAVE NO COMMANDS! THEY BECAME LINE SOLDIERS!

   By 1430, on that day?  The entire West terrace had fallen.  There were MPD and CP holding onto fencing still doing what they were told to do. While officers where hauling ass to save their lives. Others told to hold the line.  There were so many conflicting orders.  No one was in charge.  The two commanders were engaged in all out battle! 

   —-While I was in DC CTF for almost two years.  The DOJ(Department of Justice) Department of Injustice.  Opened up 50 thousand hours of video of J6 to all of us in the, racist holding facility.—-

   Fast forward:

   People forget what I use to do for a living.  I started watching countless hours of officers and people committing crimes, and others inciting violence.  I watched body cameras, Dome, and Areal footage.

  Officers of the MPD’s Teams, 54, 64, 74.  OF the MPD.  Officers: Thau, Tindall, Crisman, Horos, Bagshaw, Augustine, Edwards, Riley, Hawkins, Harding, Smiley, Lambardini, Lynn, Petera, Allen, Smith, Morris, Powell, Hodges, and that douche bag, Fenone.

  These are the names of the most out of control. The most violent. The officers that incited the most violence that day.  OF course there’re more. I watched these people the most.  

   I watched these people: 

   MP/CP shot civilians Point blank with a 40mm Grenade launcher, beat unarmed civilians, continually spraying mace with out cause, no orders issued before violence, make decisions with in their group and execute the violence.  Ask for clearance to fire straight into the crowd with out ever looking. Tasing random people, then move on to laugh and count how many.

 Complete, No command and control from the officers to organize them selves.  They were under remote control the entire time.  There was an out side entity supporting and giving instructions, or made their own decisions. 

  Not one! Tried to bring resolve or resolution to the situation.

  From the very start?  Violence was the key objective.

  Now!   There were people in the crowd dressed like Trump Supporters.  These are, “Crisis Actors, Under cover Provocateurs, Instigators.”  Can I prove it they were undercover agents?  No.  But when you watch what they do on video?  You can see their main goal was to incite violence.

  Camera 0180#

   This camera shows all kinds of crap!   Allow me to expound.

    When watching this camera angle, you will see countless people dressed in all kinds of stupid Trump Attire.  Moving around, looking at the door, checking the locks, moving on doing stupid shit.  Then you see, CP three of them (Keep watching), step up to the door, use the Cypher Lock with a swipe card.  One officer drops the “Yellow Bag” on the ground a set of flex cuff falls off.  They sprawl onto the floor.   Things are done, people moving around.  All officers pick up the bag and move into the building.  You see people come and go.  Then a man dressed in Blue slowly walks up.  He leans down and picks up a set of cuff and tries them on the door.  No joy.  He drops them, and grabs the other set. With out hesitation!  He slips them onto both door knobs.  Zips them tight, puts his hands in his pockets and moves out slowly.   The man was too smooth. The man knew what he was doing, and was told to do that.  He is an undercover agent!  Later the doors are being beat open from some one inside.  In a few more moments?  The doors come flying open.  People pour out, and there’s smoke from a fire extinguisher being sprayed from the inside.  More people, things are done and people hurt.  Here comes the yellow bag again. Keep watching.  IT moves around and then an officer moves the bag back into the building. 

   Later, you see TWO! People, a man and a woman.  Both dressed in stupid Trump Attire. One has the yellow bag! The other has the black box.  The slowly walk up and drop both items at the door and walk away.  People come and go, and some start to take interest in the box and bag.  

   They open the containers and pull out, Flex Cuff, Body Armor, Helmets, and batons.  Who if the fuck leaves equipment like that laying around?  Oh, I know!!!  Some one who wants to escalate the violence.  

   You see MPD, come up and drop off equipment into the boxes and simply walk away.  

  You’re in a riot!!  Why would you drop off protective equipment to the rioters?

   I was watching the camera, All of a sudden, moves left, then back to the right.  

   Who’s ever in the control booth, is controlling the actors on the play field!  Who’s in the control booth? 

   Officers, Pittman, and Sund!

  This is just a couple of things that I can show on video.  I will prove in the court of law and stand before the eyes of God these facts are true.  

 I watched on video the beating death of Rosanne Boyland:  

  Officers involved are as follows:  Morris, Powell, Hodges, and Fanone.  You see her up front, hands of protection, fall to the ground and they beat her to death.

  I watched on video the Assassination of Ashli Babbitt:

    Michael Byrd killed that woman.   I watched on video.  People beating on the window.  I watched CP and MPD standing around.  I watched a hand an arm signal go out and a radio command.  ALL officers moved back at once.  Then you see that fucking coward Michael Byrd’s arm come out.  He takes the shot and moves away.  Why would you run off if you have the upper hand?  Why would you not continue to push forward?  Why would any one in civilian clothing not be beat or put on the ground if you were behind the lines?  Any one not police is being detained!

 This is protocol of any protection department.  This goes on!

  On my Discovery those douche bags from the Department of Injustice gave me.  There was a weapon on the ground.  I watched MPD CPT Bagshaw reach down, pick it up, put it into his pocket. “Inside the Waist Band Holster”  9mm Smith and Wesson Semi-Auto.  A spare magazine appears from the same officer who kicked it to Bagshaw.  Where did it go?  It was hand carried into the tunnel, where Bagshaw gave it to his commanding officer.  This was never reported. Why?  Because it was a drop gun!  They wanted the crowd to recover the weapons to use.  They wanted the riot to escalate into a blood bath.  

   In my discovery, there’s another man with a weapon.  He had a revolver in his pants.  If the DOJ saw this?  Where’re the weapons and the individuals they belong to?  

  There are acts on video of MPD trying to figure out what to do, then running into the crowd to incite more violence, and beat the crap out of anyone standing there with a Trump Flag. 

   I’ve had the FBI come to my cell in DC CTF, hand cuffed me to the railing and take all and any paper work that had writing on it.  I never saw any legal documents again. That was two and a half years ago.

   In order to form a Riot.  You have to have three things.  Instigators, Agitators, and Motivators.  Two of the three will start violence in any scenario.