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TO: Virginia State Bar

Intake Office

1111 East Main St. Suite 700

Richmond, VA. 23219-0026


To whom it may concern:

     My name is Jeffery Mckellop.   I am a J6 Political Prisoner.

     History:  Born 1965 San Pedro CA. High School 1983, In and out of College Butte Community, Chico St., American Military University, Liberty University.  Never graduated. 

     Military History: Basic Training, June 2, 1987, 2nd Ranger Bn. 1989, 3rd Grp Special Forces ODA 394/396 1999. United States Contractor with the State, and Agency 2010-2021. Political Prisoner 2021-Present

    I’m not going to bother with the Form. There’s too many things to discuss with this one individual.

John C. Kiyonaga(

600 Cameron St. 

Alexandria, VA. 22314

### ### ####

### ### ####

    Mr. Kiyonaga.

     He was hired on by Patriot Freedom Project (Cynthia Hughes(732)966-0762.  Patriot Freedom Project(PFP) paid Mr. Kiyonaga approx.. 30,000.00, for his services.  Working with Joseph Mc Bryde.

     As always, I’ve never been to court nor have I ever needed an attorney.  When I viewed my self on National TV?  I called a cheese lawyer, Seth Peritz, (### ### ####)   I had no idea what to do or what to say.  He told me to stay home and wait for a call from the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI).  I did just that.  While I waited, he continued to charge me, One Thousand, then Three Thousand, Then 15 Thousand.  Then he wanted more money, ” Jeff in order for us to go to trial?  I’m going to need another 20 Thousand to get us over the next hump.”  Fired!!

  FBI called, I turned my self in.  I couldn’t afford Mr. Peritz any longer.  I’ve cooperated the entire time, and stayed silent. Until now.

  I lost my home, all my belongings, Bank Accounts, any clothing that I had, all my childhood memories, every fucking thing I’ve ever collected from over seas!  All of it is Gone!!

  In walks Mrs. Young, and Mrs. Hennery ### ### ####.  They were very nice and came up front with what was about to happen. 

   Fast forward.  My treatment there at the DC. Central Treatment Facility(CTF) was, let us say?  (The facility was 98% African, African American, and 1% Hispanic, 1% White.)  When I arrived there?  I was called everything but my own name.  Honky, Cracker, White Boy, White Mother Fucker, Trumper, Insurrectionist, Terrorist, Insurgent, on and on. (They don’t even know how to spell these names.)  Radical Islam, Luis Farrakhan’s “Final Call” circulates around the DC CTF on a weekly basis.  Get your self an update of racial discrimination. 

 DC CTF’s largest Race hate! Anti-White, Anti-Christian, Anti-Semite, Anti-American, Marr, Tally, Landerkin, Lancaster, Bruce, Saunders, Allen, Deal, Pinky, McDade, Dillion, Williams, Franklin, just to name a few.

     In Walks Mr. Kiyonaga.  Came Highly recommended, and was representing another J6 defendant that was moved to another facility.  Robert Morris.  Mr. Kiyonaga came on big. “We’re going to win, this, we’re going to fight this through, I want all the information, I want everything you got.”

    My treatment in the DCCTF was equivalent to a POW Camp in Vietnam.  They utilize, Intimidation tactics, and Isolation to force, press, intimidate you into signing and taking documentation against your will.  I told Kyionaga this.  Nothing. 1) “How’s it going Jeff?  I haven’t heard from you in a while.  Where’ve you been?” (I was in Solitary Confinement for Six total months!)  -I was in Solitary Confinement for a month before he shows up asking me where the fuck I’ve been!  “Please Help me, get me out of here. 

2)  “Well Jeff, we have some, stuff for you to look at. ” Where have you been?  Why haven’t you picked up?”

     Here watch this computer and show me where you are on this,,,Video,,,,…….  I started watching the video with no sound.  I was cycling through a video that had nothing to do with me or what I did at J6!!  I looked up and that mother fucker was sleeping!  

3)  He shows up with an arm load of paper work.  None of it was for my case.  I was just released out of Solitary Confinement(35 days) and the staff had taken all my documents, all my food, all my legal paper work.  I told him about that.  I asked where are the documents I gave him, Mrs. Young, and Mrs. Hennery?  “They’re not on your side Jeff. We should stick together, Uh, We should forget about those.”  (Documents I’ve been collecting from the start to file a Civil Law suit against the facility!!) “I need those, can you get those back?   “Ok, have you thought about trial?  We have a court date and we need to be focused.” Me: Ok,, when are we going to look at video/documents. I gave him a list of names that show, incitement, provocation, and abuse of power by the MPD, Capitol Police(CP).   HE NEVER LOOKED AT ANY OF THE F#CKING NAMES, OR VIDEO I POINTED OUT TO HIM.  EVIDENCE THAT COULD BE USED IN TRIAL!!

  I found out through third party.  Robert Morris fell on the sword!  He was forced to take a plea deal, Kiyonaga arranged!  I also found out later, he used the same tactics against me.  “IF I was your father, I’d tell you to take this deal, this is the only thing we have, You’re looking at some serious time, If I had another 30 thousand, we could continue this, I’m on your side, I can talk this down to time served, just need you to sign this.”

  I found out through a friend.  Scott Stiert( ### ### ####).  I had Scott open a “Give Send Go”(GSG) account for my children. As I wanted to support my children while in jail.  Kiyonaga found out Scott and I were together at the Capitol, when he called Scott.  He wanted Scott to make a statement.  Kiyonaga figured out there was a GSG with $20,000.00.  John Kiyonaga convinced my friend to close the account and give him the funding.  All of it.  

   When confronted with the actions!  He blamed me for hiding the money, he needed it for his legal actions.  (I never received a itemized listing of any actions from John Kiyonaga.)  He (John K.) Chastised me for accusing him of theft, and PFP wasn’t paying him any more.  He went on to ask me if there were any relatives that had money that I could borrow money from.  I’m not paying that mother fucker shit!  I never saw a receipt or listing of any of his work.  I called PFP, asked them about who was paying him, and how much.  They informed me the amounts they paid, and, “We’re not a Bank Teller or Cash Machine.”

4)  I asked what happen to the video’s and where are my documents?  Have you not been listening to my audio recordings?

— I called him one night.–  The staff tried to drag me down to Health and welfare for a Mental Evaluation.  They said I was suicidal and wanted to hurt my self and or some one else( Lt. Munoz, CPL Howser, CPL Deal).  We got there an they released me.  Then the same people tried it again a few days later.  I tried to tell Kiyonaga about it.  I had to leave a message.  

  The facility was trying to build a mental case about me.

5) ‘Jeff, I understand you want to hurt your self or some one else?”  No!  Did you not listen to the tape?  “Well I’m here now, when I could be home with my wife.  What’s happening?”  I ran down the, Physical, Psychological and abuse that’s been going on with the facility. Me: “Have you not looked at any of the paper work I’ve been giving you?  I need you to keep hold of that stuff, I need it later.”   

   “Well Jeff, I’m working very hard, and I need you to calm down.  Don’t say anything in court when the status hearting comes up.  We’ll work through it.  You’ll make it worse if you speak out of turn.  I know what the judge is thinking.”

    Every time we had a status hearing! “Jeff Don’t say anything!  You’ll make it worse.”  We’d go to a break out room and discuss what the fuck’s been happening with me!  How can this get worse?

   I had an Abscess tooth for six weeks!  I told that douche bag about it.  My face was huge! I tried to get emergency medical at the CTF. Nope! “You white boys is be all alike, you be complain a lot.” Maj. Tally, CPL Allen. CTF.

  I told Kiyonaga about the issue before court.  Instead of talking about the case?  He would discuss my tooth, and treatment!  I finally had to jam a large Staple into the gum line in order to release the pressure of infection. I gave portions of my decaying tooth to Kiyonaga to hold on to.

I didn’t realize this at first. He was painting a picture about me to the court.  He’d stay behind after I left and discuss with the court my mental health.  “Jeff’s mental state is declining, He’s failing, He’s slipping, I’m worried about him.”

6)  We had one month left until trial !   

     Mother f#cker shows up like it’s another day at the office.  “Hey Jeff how’s it going?  Hey, What’s been happening with you?” 

    Me: “‘Really?  Where the fuck you been? Where are my documents?  Where are the video that we’re suppose to be viewing for court?  Why haven’t you picked up the phone!  Did you know I went to COVID 24/7 lock down for two weeks at a time? Twice!!  W/O ever taking a test?”

   “Take it easy.  I have a plea deal that we can work with.  I’m going to try and get it knocked down and I feel you should take it.  If I was your father Jeff, I’d tell you to take the deal so we can be done with it.” Me:  I thought we were going to trial!!!  Why the fuck are we taking a plea deal?  Why haven’t you looked at anything of the things I’ve been telling you about?

   I’ve been asking you about trial and when we are suppose to view the video and evidence!  Did you know they raided my cell and took all documents from my cell?  Did you know the FBI came here and took any and all mail, and documents?  Did you know that CPT Sunders of the CTF tried to get Inmate Blinkin to stab me while in COVID lock down?  Where the f#ck have you been?

 ” You can’t put that on me Jeff. I’m working for free here.  What do you want me to do?  What about the deal I’ve been working on?  Are you going to sign it?”  Fired!!!!!!!

   I stood in court.  Judge Carl J. Nichols.  “Mr. Mckellop, why do you want new counsel?”  Me: ” Have you ever told some body something and they just don’t give a fuck?”  I pointed at John Kiyonaga.

   Kiyonaga came to visit me three times after the hearing. “Jeff, your naked with out me.  You need me, lets look at the discovery, let’s work together.”  Get Fucked!!!!

  He staid after court and had me arranged to be place where I’m at now.  Federal Medical Center. 

  With the most Meat Beating, Homosexuals, Shower Shitting, Child Molesters, Gang Banging, Phone Pissing, Naked Running Psycho’s this planet has to offer!   I’ve been here for almost a year.  

   Mr. Kiyonaga has three large packets of paper, and Grievances that I filed with the CTF (Maj Marr. ” Our Grievances System is broken, and we’re doing everything to fix it.”  That sounds like the boarder!)and that are critical to my law suit.  I’ve been asking for these document for almost two years.  I get no response.

   Mr. Kiyonaga has been nothing short of; Dereliction of duty, Conduct Unbecoming an Attorney, Ineffective Counsel, Loitering, and Illegal Outside Influence.

  I’ve been with out evidence of almost two years, I’ve had my cell raided by staff and the FBI, I’ve had all my documents/Mail/Phone calls/cut off completely/money taken, until I arrived here in this hole.  One year now. 

  I apologize for my Grammar and Punctuation.

  I want to make sure that other people understand the actions of the Bar and the Product it Produces. I want people to understand, that J6 was a complete set up and provoked by the US Government.  I found the video, I Help point out the Undercover Agents, Crisis Actors, Provocateur’s, Agitators, Motivators, and Instigators.

  I will not take the knee, nor bow down to the yoke of Tyranny. 

  I’m going to send this thread out to every one I can think of.  Any address, any judge, any prosecution. Any one. 

  I’ll be writing another complaint about Seth Peritz(### ### ####) shortly.

My name is Jeff Mckellop

Political Prisoner

Homeless Vet

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1127 days.

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