“Daddy, where are you?” These are heart wrenching words for the fathers with children too young to understand why their Daddy has been torn out of their lives. The question doesn’t get easier with time.

Kyle Fitzsimons is one such father who has had a hard time telling his little girl who is curious to know where her Daddy is when she asks him over the phone. What do you say to the little girl who is growing up so fast and wants to know when she is going to see her Daddy still three years later? …

Chris Quaglin was torn away from his young son who was but a few months old at the time. He has not had the joy of holding his little boy or getting to watch him grow, now three and half years later he remains in the DC Gulag awaiting sentencing. Chris’s son has grown to be a little boy in his absence and he misses him so much.

Mason Courson another young dad who has had to wrestle with the inner turmoil of having his little boy ask him where he is and not knowing how to answer.

These are only a few of many fathers currently imprisoned by the Biden regime for being present on January the 6th to peacefully protest a fraudulent election, and make their voices heard as one of our first amendment rights.

The corrupt FBI and weaponized DOJ are punishing entire families by taking the fathers from home, often times the sole bread winner for their family. Thus, leaving families vulnerable without their provider and protector, which is increasingly needed in Biden’s sinking economy, not to mention all the illegals pouring across our open border.

Isaac Yoder, the patriot who dressed up like George Washington is also serving prison time for being present on January 6th. He was unjustly sentenced to 12 months of incarceration for misdemeanors. Mind you, he committed no violence, nor did he hurt anyone. He too, has a wife and three young children at home who miss their Daddy.

We know fatherlessness is a huge contributor to those who wind up in prison, so again one has to ask why the DOJ is punishing entire families by putting fathers behind bars who have no record or history of violence?

The question: “Daddy where are you?” is a question you and I also must answer because it is our responsibility to ensure the torch of liberty is passed on to the next generation intact.

We must take action if we want to ensure this blatant injustice does not continue while on our watch. So, what can we do to help these innocent families suffering political persecution?

Start by learning their stories, sending mail and/or financial support. Commit to praying for them by name. Visit Patriot Mail Project Here!

There are countless ways you and I can do something and it does make a difference. Once more it will mean the world to these families suffering political persecution.

It’s that time again: Lives, fortunes, sacred honor … what are you willing to give?

Acts 17:31 — For He (God) has set a day when He will judge the world WITH JUSTICE by the Man He has appointed. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising Him (Jesus Christ) from the dead.