“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”
Part 7.5: The DC Gulag; Washington, DC
–Congressional Visit–
by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-5090

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents, Testimony, News Articles from the Gateway Pundit, and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s report on her visit to The DC Gulag called [I think] “Unusually Cruel”

The reports of the mistreatment by Staff members of The DC Gulag were getting to give the facility an “infamous” status. The beatings; particularly the beating of Ryan Samsel. The Solitary Confinement. The mistreatment in The Hole. The moldy, bug riddled food. The wet chips! The black mold leaking in rivers out of the vents. The targeting. The medical neglect. The fact that most of us were innocent and suffering these injustices was getting to be circulated amongst Conservatives. By then, the Tweets by Deputy Warden Landerkin were fully exposed to the public and the name Lieutenant Lancaster became a household name in J6 circles. Even Federal Judges were holding the DC Department of Corrections in contempt for their mistreatment, and the US Marshals had given the jail such a failing grade that they required that half the prisoners be removed and relocated to another facility. But for us J6 Political Prisoners who had made it happen? They left us there to rot. Congressional members, including Louis Gomert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, and others were starting to be very concerned for our wellbeing. They decided; The DC Gulag is literally only 15 minutes away from their Offices – there was nothing stopping them from coming to pay us a visit. They could pop in, conduct an inspection, and be home by dinner.

Being members of the Oversight Committee in charge of the standards of prisoner care, well… it was not only within their purview to conduct an inspection – it was part of their OFFICIAL DUTIES! Numerous times the Congressmen and women came to the jail. Each time, they were refused access – UNLAWFULLY I might add. These men and women were ELECTED by the American people, and appointed as their duties to ensure that American prisoners are being taken care of properly. The jail had NO RIGHT to refuse members of Congress. But. They did it anyway. Multiple times the Congressmen visited us, and multiple times they were refused access. One time, the Deputy Warden Landerkin herself came down with her pet goon, Lieutenant Lancaster. The Congressmen were told that they would be escorted through another entrance, and were told to come around to another door. As soon as the Congressmen left, Landerkin locked the door to keep them out and waved “buh bye” at them through the glass. You can’t make this stuff up. The Congressmen kept holding Press Conferences in front of the jail while the Leftist Mainstream Media howled in derision; calling them Conspiracy theorists and “terrorist-lovers”. But the Congressmen didn’t budge. They wanted in. They wanted to see the facility. They wanted to see us. They asked boldly, despite the media mockery, “If there’s nothing to hide, why won’t they let us in?”, they’d inquire. Why indeed. It was November 2021, and a flurry of “renovations” began. The black mold was painted over, damaged cells were evacuated. The jail did their best to make the facility seem as “acceptable” as possible before the inevitable Congressional visit. But it was just a Band-Aid, and it wouldn’t be nearly enough. The glaring issues were apparent under Congressional scrutiny.

Marjorie Taylor Greene would expose them in her report called [I think] “Unusually Cruel”. Once the Congressmen were allowed to come in and visit, news spread through C2B rapidly. We were all eager to meet them, after their persistence to gain entry. Some of us, myself included, thought that certainly they wouldn’t bring CONGRESSMEN into a Solitary Confinement/PC Unit like C2B. I was convinced that (at best) they would be taken to the camera room to watch us remotely. Still, hope flooded through us that something positive would happen. The jail did their best to keep the Congressmen away from us. The Staff gave them what I’d call a “happy horse-s*** tour”, and said “Well, that’s it. Goodbye!”. The Congressmen were unhappy with the duplicity. The Staff were playing games, trying to hide us from them. The Staff finally capitulated, and after a run around, The Congressmen DEMANDED to be shown to the J6 Unit. When the doors opened and a flood of the top brass jail Staff came in, I was shocked to see the Congressional aids hot on their heels. Behind them were Marjorie Taylor Greene and Louis Gomert. I recognized them at once from the news, and I started screaming “USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!!!” and soon the rafters were echoing with the chant. It was a magical moment! We broke out into applause and cheering/whistling. I could see the shock in their features. They clearly didn’t expect to receive such a warm welcome. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene beckoned with her hands, waving for us to quiet so she could speak. Soon, we were asked a flurry of questions. We told of the beatings. We told of the malnourishment. We told of the medical neglect.

I was particularly concerned for Lonnie Kaufman, an elderly Vietnam Veteran who had a severe medical emergency in both his arms. The bloodflow was not circulating, and his arms were turning purplish black (for you Medical folks out there, a palpated skin perfusion check took 12-14 seconds for bloodflow/color to return). I was freaked out that the jail REFUSED to treat him. If this persisted, both his arms could be amputated. I rushed Lonnie up front and I frantically explained the medical issue he faced, and the continued neglect of the jail to treat him. The Congresswoman was clearly confused to see a woman in the Unit, and she was HORRIFIED by what I told her next. I told her, “Ma’am, you’ve got to do something for him! He could lose both his arms at this rate! Please! You HAVE to help him!” I was nervous talking to her, but she took down his information readily. Soon, we told them a deluge of information; not just about the jail, but about J6 writ large. For the first time, she was even shown video of the brutal murder of Roseanne Boyland (which they had no idea had happend). The Congressional visit lasted for hours. They questioned all the issues we faced, and were horrified to learn that it was worse than reported. They had seen the horrendous facilities firsthand; smelled the drugs; seen the neglect; and they knew. This was the DC Gulag. And we were American Political Prisoners. I was annoyed that the grifters wanted autographs. Before they left, we sang the National Anthem together. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene prayed with us, as we huddled around her and we prayed for America together. Congressman Louis Gomert shook our hands and the visit ended. It’s a moment I will never forget in all my life. But the hope we felt that day would be short lived. While these Congressmen would try to expose the truth of J6, the Democrats, DOJ and the FBI would only increase their attacks on us. The holidays were fast approaching and the first Anniversary of J6 was right around the corner.