“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 7.7: The DC Gulag; Washington, DC

–Merry Sixthmas–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio/News Reporting, Court Documents and Testimony.

The day was January 6th, 2022, and the Democrats had worked themselves up into a frenzy of self righteous fervor. I dubbed it “Sixmas” and it instantly propelled itself to the front of the list as the Democrats favorite holiday; more so than Juneteenth and Pride Month combined. Martin Luther King Day was bumped off the list entirely when the Democrats found out that he was a Reverend that believed in God and Equality (not Equity); neither of which was acceptable to the Marxist left. The Media replayed footage of the worst behaviors from the Capitol riot, and accused MAGA Extremists of every offense under the sun. Many of my videos were played ad nauseum on the news, and tales of “threats to Democracy” abounded. Joe Biden held an austere speech inside Statutory (or maybe Statuary) Hall. His pupils were dilated like dinner plates as the Adderall he was juiced with distended the veins in his face. He pounded his pulpit, wagging his finger at 50%+ of the country, and claimed to seek unity as he simultaneously sowed the seeds of division, retribution and hate. The Republicans In Name Only… the RINO’s… they autoflagellated themselves at the feet of their oppressors… their political opponents. People like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy shamed themselves like dogs rubbing their own nose in the poop on the carpet. They snubbed January 6th in flowery pre-written speeches; attempting to distance themselves from the events by siding with the Democrats. The Anniversary celebrations were just beginning. Soon, Congress had convened a special memorial service on the floor of Congress.

Everyone wanted to take a big bite out of the Sixmas Pie. Kamala Harris, members of The Squad, Jamie Raskin, Hakeem Jeffries… they all had something austere to say about the day that Democracy almost failed because a riot happened for an hour or two. A riot started by Police and ended with a dude in buffalo horns and a squirrelskin skirt being escorted through the Capitol by Police Officers, grandmas taking selfies, and with Bigo Barnett propping up his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. The OathKeepers were slandered as terrorists, racists, and extremists… despite the fact we stopped vandalism, rescued Police Officers, helped injured people, helped Police evacuate the Capitol Building, and obeyed all lawful orders and curfew. (*ahem* Sorry if I keep bringing this up, but it’s still true and I don’t want you to forget.) Soon, Her Majesty… Nancy Pelosi herself… stepped up to her dais with resounding applause from Democrat and Republican Congressmen and women alike. As she shamed “The Insurrection that happened RIGHT HERE a year ago today…” she continued to expand on the “threat still facing America”. After all, there was still a vast swathe of Qanon Conspiracy Theorists, Extremists, Ultra MAGA, Super MAGA, Ultra Super MAGA still lurking in the shadows, and she would ENSURE the FBI continued to hunt every single one of them down with a SWAT Raid. Every single Democrat agenda hinged on “The Insurrection” that wasn’t. Election Integrity laws? Elections were far too secure, which is racist somehow. Plus guns… gotta ban ’em! And hate speech laws… gotta write ’em. Censorship and surveillance of the American public… gotta fund it. All the things. All she needed was Congress to “…bow down and perform one act of worship, and [she] would give them the keys to every kingdom”. Yes. I just equated Nancy Pelosi to Satan.

After a solemn and moving ballad by the Broadway cast of the revisionist history masterpiece, Hamilton, the members of Congress filed out onto the Capitol steps (the very steps where I had been year prior; to sing the National Anthem and to drag the injured to the ambulance). Once on the steps. the Democrats and RINO’s held a candlelight vigil for all the Police Officers that didn’t die on January 6th. To memorialize them for their self inflicted PTSD and sadness. It’s hard work punching grandmas and teargassing children. The 4 innocent peaceful protesters that were slaughtered by the Police that day were accidentally never mentioned. While the Democrats and the Media (but I repeat myself) went on a shame fest, the REAL Conservative members of Congress, including Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, held a Press Conference in front of the Capitol. They exposed everything we told them back at The DC Gulag. The murders of Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland. The agent provocateurs. The undercovers and informants that infiltrated the crowd. They talked about “Scaffolding Commander” and Ray Epps. They showed how Nancy Pelosi refused President Trump’s offer of 10,000 National Guardsmen, how she left the Capitol unprotected, and exposed moments of Police Brutality. They had a LOT of questions about who was a Federal asset, and who was not. Then they asked questions that would change everything for me personally. They asked “Why is it that nobody has been charged with Sedition or Insurrection?” Then they asked, “Why is the leader of the OathKeepers free? Why isn’t Stewart Rhodes under arrest?” Less than a week later, Stewart Rhodes would be arrested for Seditious Conspiracy.

***OPINION*** I 100% believe this timing was deliberate. I think that the FBI and DOJ were paying close attention to the questions posed during that Republican Press Conference. I think the Press Conference made them look stupid, and shed too much light on J6. I think it caused a flurry of activity behind the scenes; they needed to stick someone… anyone… with a Sedition charge. Stewart Rhodes was mentioned during the Press Conference as a potential Federal Informant, so they chose to go after him. Two days later, a mere 48 hours after the Press Conference, a Grand Jury was seated to pursue Seditious Conspiracy charges against us. 5 Days later, we were Indicted with Seditious Conspiracy, despite the fact that the Feds had NO NEW INFORMATION about the OathKeepers since MAY 2021. Got that? No new evidence in 9 months. During that time, there was no indication of a Seditious Conspiracy. But a mere 48 hours after the Press Conference in front of the Capitol, they mysteriously found one. The timing is TOO convienent; too coincidental. In Washington, there are NO coincidences. Our Seditious Conspiracy Indictment served two purposes: it stopped all questions on “why has nobody been charged with Sedition or Insurrection?” and it (for a time) silenced inquiries into J6 Federal involvement in groups like the OathKeepers. Our Seditious Conspiracy Indictment killed those 2 birds with that one stone, and Conservatives slunk back into the shame-holes where they felt safe from scrutiny.