If you’re reading this, You Are the Resistance!

Today starts another lovely week in the FMC.
We had an inmate roam around with out clothing and was immediately returned to his cell and verbally scalded to the Nth degree(story down graded as not to offend the skinny jean wearing, Rainbow flag worshiping sissy’s out there. Three words you people? “Safe Space”)
I’m getting ready for another status hearing to fire my attorney’s. Seems they would rather take money, and force my hand into another crappy plea deal. –Oh, I’m not suppose to openly talk about my case.– 7-10 years, Open ended sentence(The Judge has options to add more time), no possibility for an appeal, Reserve the right to bring me back and charge me with more crimes after I finish the first tour in prison, I loose the right to file law suits against the people who abused me Mentally and physically, No fly list, Red Flagged, No weapons, or scissors, credit score reduced to zero, elderly will mean mug me and call me a fascist, the list goes on.
If I get the option to go to a Drug Rehabilitation class(reducing my sentence by one year)? I have to openly admit to years of hard Drug, Alcohol, Spouse abuse, and most likely finger blasting little kids.
I read in the Epoch times about Chinese using AI to superimpose images on actors to make it appear the criminal(if in fact that’s who it is)confessing crimes, and admitting guilt to the Chinese population. OF course the good people with free thinking ability will be chanting, and waving their flag high in the air showing support for the PARTY. (Sounds like our country)
Get ready people. It’s now! It’s here, It’s in your face. This is the year. We’re about to see it happen.
Stand or Fall. America’s about to decide it’s own fate.
I want to thank my friend for asking me to go the rally. When I refused because of work, and counter protesters? He pulled the friend card. He and I have been friends for almost 25 years. What was I suppose to do? I’m happy he made it out alive.

My name is Jeff Mckellop.
20 yrs (Ret) US Army Special Forces ODA 394/396
Never been arrested, served my country for almost 30 years.
Political Prisoner
Homeless Vet