We have known Angel Harrelson for more than three years and we have seen her growing into an amazingly strong woman of God and supporter of all kinds of efforts for J6ers. She has started a business to survive during her beloved husband’s absence. She never gives up and never retreats despite all the obstacles that came her way. Soon her husband will be home, but it is far from being over with home confinement and then supervised release. Please support her in her efforts. Daniel and I got hats and T-shirts. They are amazing. Great quality and great workmanship. Thank you Angel and God bless you, Ken, and your business.

Angel Harrelson is the Wife of a HOSTAGE Of War J6 2021. His name is “RETIRED ARMY SGT. Kenneth T. Harrelson”. He WAS in the DC Gulag for 2.5 yrs. Then he was transferred to the U.S. Penitentiary Atlanta. Since Feb. 6, 2024 he is now continuing to be held by the BOP & the halfway house in central FL. for OVER 3 (1,118+ DAYS) years now. Angel has been non-stop fighting for the release of her husband and the truth about Jan. 6, 2021 since March 10, 2021 ( the day he was taken by the FBI & never returned home).

Angel’s Patriot Battle, LLC has been her income and a release for her to get the awareness out in her own way, she has also started a blog on her site if you subscribe to her site you can follow it to see what has been happening to her and Sgt. Harrelson recently. She refuses to stop fighting for him and other J6er’s by letting others know about the treatments they have endured for over 3 years by our tyrannical government.

“Dedicated to advocating for justice and fairness, our mission is to support individuals impacted by the events of J6, ensuring their rights are upheld and addressing the concerns surrounding their treatment as political prisoners by the United States Justice Department. We strive to raise awareness, foster dialogue, and actively engage in legal advocacy to promote transparency, accountability, and the protection of civil liberties, working towards a society where the principles of justice are applied equitably for all.”


Angel Harrelson
P.O. Box 247
Titusville, FL 32781