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Chris Quaglin’s letter-

For three years, all I wanted were a couple things: I wanted a diet that was celiac-safe, and a place that followed the federal guidelines. For three years, I have been denied all of the above. For three years, I have been denied a medically needed, celiac-safe diet. Multiple lawyers have told you about this on the record, Judge. There have been dozens of newspaper articles about this. It took two years to put a court mandated diet on the record. Meanwhile, some asshole who paints his face and wears a Viking helmet on January 6th, gets a court mandated diet within a week because he calls himself a shaman. Still today I’m being denied a safe diet. I might add my mother can’t be here today, because she is still recovering from cancer surgery, where she had half of her stomach, her colon, her small intestine  and others removed. Then she had to go through months of chemotherapy. Meanwhile, I had a habeas corpus hearing where Northern Neck Regional Jail swore I didn’t even have Celiac Sprue. I have blood results since way before my incarceration on the record. I have proof I have been diagnosed 25 years ago. Yet, I have had to spend well over $20,000 in commissary just so I don’t break my diet as much and wind up with half my innards removed because of a cancer that shows up in 10 years, like my mother. I might add that you dismissed the habeas corpus without allowing me to add any grievances or even testify.

Thanks for that, Judge. I greatly appreciate it. Well, those hundreds of grievances are on the record now.

For 3 years I was denied the ability to work on my case. I was denied access to  In fact today not one j6 detainee incarcerated in the DC jail has access to You’re lying in your 10 page motion.  True, some j6ers don’t want access to and the 44,000 hours.  Others like me have been asking for it since day 1.  My lawyers have written many motions on it yet I’m still denied access.

For three years I saw constant abuse of prisoners. Now i added many statements from these prisoners on the record. I spent three years seeing our broken federal pre-trial system in action first hand. None of these facilities are worse than Northern Neck Regional Jail. However, D.C. is definitely second. All of our grievances are now on the record.

For three years you have denied me access to my lawyers. You denied me the right to be part of my defense. You denied me bond even though both of my co-defendants klein and cappuchio were given bond. They had the ability to meet with their lawyers. They had the ability to see their families. They had ability to work on their case view thousands of hours of January 6th footage when I couldn’t.

So, what did I do for 3 years, you ask? I kept my eyes wide open, my ears are always listening and I always kept pens and paper close by. I documented and documented and documented.

I could care less about what inmates did.  I didn’t care if two inmates had gotten into a fight for example. I did care about what the jail did about it and how they handled the situation. I documented everything. The disgusting jail conditions, medical malpractice, HIIPA violations, inmates being beat by guards while they were still handcuffed.  The constant disregard to human and Constitutional rights that I experienced.

Most importantly, I documented a broken grievance system that violated federal standards both Northern Neck Jail and D.C. Jail a like. I have over 3000 pages of daily notes and grievances that are now added on the record. They will also be available upon request on ( ( You denied my right to work on my case for 3 years. I’m going to make sure that my suffering doesn’t go unnoticed and ignored That at least some good comes from it. America has a broken pre-trial and prison system and it’s about time someone did something to fix it. The democrats have complained and swore to fix this broken system for 50 years. When Trump wins in 8 short months, we will have it rebuilt in under 4 years.

If his team will have me, I’d be honored to be part of the rebuilding process. One thing is for sure. Some of the administration that runs these jails are definitely going to prison themselves.
Lastly, I get to the 3 years of what the government was interested in. The list is simple, it only consists of one thing.

For 3 years, the government has made my life a living hell. Violated human and Constitutional rights, moved me 9 times from jail to jail without my discovery, refused me access to and the 44,000 hours of January 6th footage, refusing bond without just reasoning, they broke apart my family for one simple reason. They wanted me to testify on others and “cooperate” with the FBI.

From the first day I was arrested, Special Agent Ben Fulp told me that, quote “he didn’t want care about Chris Quaglin”. He wanted the “groups”. At first I thought he meant the proud boys, oath keepers, and 3%ers like the main stream media said.  Now, 3 years later I’m pretty sure he just wanted to make sure I Didn’t talk about the still ” unknown groups” that had “the rainbow bracelets” on their left wrists that I saw gathering on January 6th. These were the same bracelets that I know for a fact MPD and FBI were wearing. No one is talking about this to this day.

It might also explain why Ben full offered me a ride home that day and explained that I had not been charged yet and that this could all be over before it began.  Otherwise, he promised me NO BOND until I had trial 18 months later.  18 months turned into 37 months and counting. I still refuse to cooperate.

It also explains in August 2021 why judge McFadden and the prosecution went into a break out room “exparte” and why the prosecutor Melissa Jackson asked the judge to “turn up the heat” or “tighten the screws” to get me to testify.  That’s when I was moved to DC where my discovery was given to me a second time.  The prosecution promised that the DC jail could handle my gluten free diet (which they still can’t by the way). It explains why I was 1 of only 3 January 6ers moved to another facility 2 months later. In fact one can only assume that the next 2 and a half years of movement and constant human, constitutional, and federal violations have been to get me to sign the NDA and “cooperate” like the feds asked my first attorney to tell me to sign.
It even explains the video with no URL that was used to indict me. The one that was “taken off of my Facebook” when I “went live”.  (Even though my Facebook was on restriction on January 6th.  The same video that was saved on January 7th yet not sent over to the FBI for another 10 days later.

In fact, one can also assume that the numerous times the transcripts were changed throughout my court appearances was to cover up things that would make the Judge have to answer questions once it was time to appeal.
One could assume that this also was the reason why the prosecution wouldn’t quit. 5 times they went to my lawyers every time and said, quote “if Quaglin doesn’t cooperate then we are going to add more charges”.
It all makes sense now!

It makes sense now why the Judge even now refuses to unredact and unseal my whole file even though I demanded him to on the record, in person, and in writing. It makes sense why my 27 page letter, 24 page letter, and 1 page letter aren’t on the record even though I sent them certified mail.  Guess what?  They’re on the record now.

It makes sense that, on April 22nd the transcripts says to come to the bench “with the government”  instead of “without the government” and then there is 4 pages of Redacted testimony. Testimony that talked about the abuses of the northern neck jail and my treatment.
It makes sense now why McFadden would make me stay there and be mentally and physically tortured for another 8 months before e FBI did an investigation and ALL January sixers were moved from that jail and the superintendent, Ted Hull, was told “its time you retire” (which he did).

It makes sense that when I told you about this torture and all of the movements on the record, talking for 5 minutes, the transcripts later showed only who one word, “inaudible”.

It makes sense that on Emancipation Day I was locked up in a cell for 4 hours, instead of being allowed to go to video court because I was about to go Pro Se with attorney assistance. We  know the prosecution knew this because they had been listening to and reading all legal emails. The DC Jail admitted to doing such.  They listened to 44 lawyer phone calls. They later deleted all trace of these emails and phone calls but not before the prosecution listened to and saw them. The prosecution knew every thing my defense had planned.

It makes sense why after I told my lawyer, Maria Rodriguez, to retract my stipulated trial on July 20th the Judge later allowed her to  to leave as my attorney without permission from me or without a status hearing.

This is after the judge let Joe McBride leave without a hearing which caused an absolute shit show in the courts and in the media alike.

It most certainly explains why after 5 super seeding indictments I am facing 17 years in federal prison for allegedly shoving a couple cops and spraying the same pepper spray that hundreds of officers used on patriots and themselves on January 6th.17 years for pushing a cop. 17 years for a “mostly peaceful protest” meanwhile during the “summer of love” democrats allowed half the country to burn.  Vice President Harris said “the cause is greater then a few broken windows” remember that?

You stole an election. Patriotic Americans showed up to have their voices heard. The FBI had paid informants and agents there that I spoke about earlier.  You claim that January 6th was an insurrection with zero proof or anyone being charged with terrorism or insurrection.  The FBI and the Democrat party has ruined the lives of thousands of Americans over a “mostly peaceful protest”

Even after these 3 years of hell.  I refuse to bow down to Biden’s illegitimate regime.  I refuse to cooperate with his corrupt and weaponised DOJ and FBI.

This whole situation is ridiculous.
Its absolute insanity.
Its certainly unconstitutional and un-American.
So I’m here to say this:

You can rip me away from my family.

You can poison me, starve me, and beat me.

You can hold me hostage as you have for the past 3 years, denying me medical.

You’re all tyrants and the history books will paint you as such.

I will net yield.

I will never surrender.

Chris Quaglin- 5/23/24

Chris Quaglin

📬 Chris Quaglin
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 D St. SE
Washington DC 20003

Incarcerated since 4/7/2021
or 1143 days.

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