“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 17.4: The Federal Courthouse; Washington, DC

–The OathKeeper Sentencings Part 4–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Courtroom Transcripts, Court Documents, and Testimony.

After Judge Mehta finished delivering his Sentence against me, I was numb from shock. I had just been Sentenced to nearly a decade behind bars for nonviolent crimes; Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, and Impeding Officers Responding to a Civil Disorder. The first 3 charges were redundant, just essentially rewording the same (false) accusation. These were crimes for which I am innocent; crimes I can 100% prove I did not commit. Don’t just take my word for it, either. I got the goods. So did the Jury, actually. But our conniving Government lied to create a false timeline, they obfuscated by distracting the Jury with unnecessary things like the Heavy Metal video, rifles, paintball guns, and pictures of flags (none of which had any relevance to J6), they lied on the witness stand (perjury) repeatedly, pervasively and often; they made our trial such a s***show, that the Jury probably didn’t know how to make heads or tails of their tales. The charging documents falsely alleged that there was a “…plot to Obstruct the Peaceful Transfer of Power since as Early as November 3rd, 2020…” but during the closing Arguments, the Prosecution admitted… with a big display that had the words “NO PLAN” with a red circle with a slash through it… that there was NO PLAN. Jeffery Nestler stood there and said that “…the plan essentially Started at the door. That by agreeing to walk through the door, that the Defendants committed a Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding”. But that’s NOT what the LAW states. The law states that Conspiracy = 2 or more people agreeing to violate a Criminal Statute. But Obstruction of an Official Proceeding states = WILLFULLY and CORRUPTLY Obstruct an Official Proceeding. The Government argued that WILLFULLY = Agreeing, and CORRUPTLY = Evil. Yes… that’s right. They determined that “CORRUPTLY” could mean Evil, and that by entering the Capitol on January 6th, we were evil. That was the basis of their accusation.

The problem is, I didn’t WILLFULLY Obstruct ANYTHING. And we CERTAINLY did not Conspire to do so! I was on the Zello Audio (which they even played during the January 6 Select Committee) that “…Everyone pulled out their phones and started yelling. It spread through the crowd like wildfire. ‘Pence betrayed us! It’s over’…” I was at the White House Ellipse (miles away) at the time I said this. I mentioned that pivotal moment ad nauseum in my text messages, my emails, my Social Media posts/comments. It was the precise and pivotal moment that J6 changed for me; from a happy-go-lucky Rally, into a severely disgruntled Protest. This alibi… MY alibi… is the alibi of TENS OF THOUSANDS of Americans that have been wrongfully charged with Obstruction of an Official Proceeding. We did not WILLFULLY Obstruct anything. We certainly weren’t EVIL in our intents. We (yes me too) were very (rightfully) upset. Our votes had been stolen… we felt disenfranchised… we felt like the last nail had just been driven into America’s coffin, and We The People wanted our voices to be heard. The OathKeepers stood around (on video) with our hands in our literal pockets as the crowd surged toward the Capitol. While we waited patiently for the VIP’s and Congressmen to rendezvous with us outside the White House Ellipse, we watched the crowd thin until the streets were virtually empty. We never “Conspired” to Obstruct anything. We thought the Certification of the Election had ended. That it was over. That Mike Pence had betrayed us all. We didn’t even join the crowd when they swarmed towards the Capitol AFTER they said “Pence Betrayed us, it’s over!”. We stood around with our hands in our pockets, trying to keep warm on a cold and blustery January day as we waited around to do our job. We didn’t AGREE (Conspire) to OBSTRUCT (Willfully and Evilly) the Certification of the 2020 Election. There was no plot to interrupt our ONLY CHANCE to LEGALLY overturn the results of the Election. What would “Obstruction” even solve? It’s not like I could sit in Nancy Pelosi’s chair, bang her Magic Gavel, and declare Trump the new President. I am just some idiot; a small business owner from Ohio, with no elected authority. What would wandering around inside the Capitol for 23 minutes accomplish? It would be like hiring an attorney [electing Congress], building a case [exposing election fraud publicly], filing a claim against a Defendant [Election Officials] who had injured you [stolen election], then taking them to Court [the January 6 Electoral Certification] and INTERRUPTING [Obstruction] your OWN LAWSUIT [the Official Proceeding]. Does that make any sense?

Should we have trespassed in the Capitol Building? No, going inside was a bad idea; clearly… I see that in hindsight. Sure I could make the argument that “It’s the PEOPLE’S House. MY House!”, and that may ring true in some metaphysical sense. Like I often say satirically, “I trespassed in a public building, during business hours on a Wednesday”. And perhaps there’s some form of legitimacy to that joke. But at the end of the day, we should not have walked inside. Should I have “Impeded” the Officers in that Senate Hallway? No. Of course not! That was a violation of a Federal Criminal Statute, one that would I would have (typically) been sentenced to serve 3-6 months in jail (if had I “stormed the Capitol” as an “Abortion Rights” activist, Code Pink, Jane’s Revenge, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, “Transgender Rights Activist”, “Climate Activist”, “Gun Control Activist”, or as a “Pro-Hamas/Pro-terrorist Activist”, I would have spent 0 days in jail for “Impeding Officers”). We all know that, because we’ve all seen it. Just in the 39 months (3+ years) that I’ve been in PRISON, I’ve seen TENS OF THOUSANDS of Liberal Protesters break into Capitol Buildings from Sea to Shining F***ing Sea (nevermind threatening Supreme Court Justices at their homes). They NEVER get charged with ANYTHING. Not even in handcuffs, let alone booked, charged with crimes they didn’t commit, and thrown into prison for 8.5 years (for “Democracy” dontcha know!). But that was where I now found myself. The Marshals brought me down into the basement holding pens, and I wanted to throw up. I was dizzy and I wanted to cry. By the time Attorney Crisp came down and talked to me; to see how I felt, I had cleared my head. Despite it all, it was over. There was no more trial to worry about. No more fear of the unknown. My fate was sealed; that gavel struck. A wave of euphoria swept over me, and I finally knew what my future held in store. I wasn’t even convinced that I wanted to Appeal; that’s how desperately I wanted to be left alone.

No more Hearings. no more Judges, Courtrooms or Juries; no more hope, no more fear. Like the Certification of the 2020 Election, it was OVER. My Government had once again betrayed me. I wanted to finally be left alone. A vindictive, cruel, unsympathetic, lying Government put their boot on my throat; tried to send me to prison for Life. When that failed, they attempted to put me in prison for nearly 2 decades. Now that my Judge had sent me to prison for nearly a decade, I just wanted to be left alone. I missed my home, I missed @MontanaSiniff and I wanted to marry him desperately, I missed my kitty Leela, I missed my poor Rosie (an 8lb Yorkie that the FBI threw a flashbang at), I missed my life, my friends, my family. But, at least I knew what my future held. I thanked Jonathan Crisp, my fantastic attorney, for all he had done. He’s the best I could have hoped for. My Public Defender, Shellie Peterson, would never have fought the way he did. If it weren’t for the Patriot Freedom Project (extra thanks to Tim Hale and Cynthia Hughes) and Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit (thanks to help from Jon Mellis), I would have had my Public Defender instead of Attorney Crisp. His boundless optimism, his gravitas, his reluctance to capitulate… I owed Jonathan my life. I can’t thank him enough. After wishing him goodbye, I was loaded into the Paddywagon and driven through the city of DC… past the US Capitol Building… past the scene of the crimes (both mine and Congress’ crimes- the Certification of a fraudulent election)… past the throngs of oblivious DC rubes as they walked down the sidewalks and shopped for coffee and dildoes… past the gas station with prices per gallon hovering around $4.89… past the dumps of the DC Ghettos… past the Congressional Graveyard with the scenic DC Gulag overlook… and back to my cell in Solitary Confinement. My personal hell was just beginning, but at least it was a hell that had a definitive end. Or so I hoped.